Everybody Wang Chung Tonight!

After watching all those promotions for NBC’s summer show Hit Me Baby One More Time, I’ve got that awesomely bad Wang Chung song stuck in my head.
This leaves me curious, just what the heck does it mean to wang chung? It sure sounds like fun!

I believe its chinese for…

Wait for it…

Have Fun

Disappointing eh?

Indeed, lol.

This is the explantion I’ve always heard:


The Chinese bit is folk etymology at its finest.

This reminds me of an episode of The Daily Show back when Craig Kilborn was host. Maury Povich was the guest and the last of the 5 Questions was, “Wadaya gonna do to have fun tonight?”

His answer…

“What I do every night - Wang Chung.”

(He’s married to Connie Chung)