Name the song

I have one of those fragmentary ear worms that I could have totally wrong. It is (in my mind) a song from the classic Hollywood era. Or maybe it’s from Looney Tunes. Or an MGM commercial. It feels like everyone knows it, but it could just be me. Anyway, all I can remember is that it goes something like:

  • Hollywood, la la la la la la la — Hollywood ….*

For all I know the ‘la la la’ bits could actually be words. If it’s well known I suspect it’ll be named in five minutes. Or my memory could be so far off that I’ll end up naming a sled after it.


OMG I can hear it in my head from a Looney Tunes cartoon…isn’t it like “Hollywood…dilly dally dooley Hollywood…”

I can’t find it here so maybe it’s from something else. Damnit now it’s stuck in my head.

bwahaha… now you know why I posted this. The song has become one of those generic things around the house. “Diaper change … lalalalalalalal diaper change…” or “feed the cats, lalalallalalal feed the cats…”

Given the one word I (think I) know, you can imagine how hard it is to Google it.

Glad to know it’s not only in my head!

“Hooray for Hollywood”? (This version is probably a lot slower than what you would hear in a cartoon)

Hooray for Hollywood

That screwy ballyhooey Hollywood

Hahaha - I guess my little-kid brain heard it as “dilly dally dooley” - close enough. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahhhhhhhh thank you!

Now I’m stuck trying to find Bugs singing it.