EVERYONE Can Be Touched by 'Abraham, Martin and John'

I just found this touching collage for the Dion song Abraham, Martin & John on YouTube. It is very similiar to a one I once found that I thought was better. But I can’t locate that one for some reason (maybe it’s gone now).

Yeah, I think that song would touching to just about anyone who hears it: Democrat, Republican. Liberal, moderate, conservative. Etc.

Also, as you can see, contrary to the popular conception, it is not just a tribute primarily to John F. Kennedy. It is actually to Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.–with a final bridge for Bobby Kennedy. Beautiful.

I actually think considering all the music artists that did this song (just do a search on YouTube), Elton John should also do a version of it. I don’t know if Mr. John would take offense though. Sir Elton after all is a British subject, you know.

Thank you in advance to all who view and reply:)

I thought it was Phil Ochs, but I guess he just covered it. Great song, anyway.

You mean you just looked around and it’s gone? :wink:

That’s always been one of my favorites, and it’s a real tear-jerker. I remember when it first came out.

I could use a little less harp flux, though. :slight_smile:

Yeah, that song always brings a tear to my eye. Great collage to go with it.

Thanks for linking to that.

post deleted since it was rambling, and unfocused.


I also remember it when it came out, and yes it was a biggie, and from a very unlikely source. Everyone thought that Dion had pretty much given up releasing anything, so hard it was for him to get much airplay after the start of the British Invasion. It made one think then, and it still does today.

This was my nephew’s favorite lullaby when he was little, I always think of him when I hear it.

I used to have a Mahalia Jackson version that gave me chills

If Mahalia Jackson gives you chills, then you should hear the “Moms Mabley” version.

I’ve never been one who pays that much attention to lyrics. So it must have been the third of fourth time that I had heard the song before I paid attention to what was being said. I was driving down one of the side streets in Nashville and had to pull the car over. There was so much hurt back then.