Everyone feel the shit I've sprayed on them?

My agenda is snark? Ooookay. Could you tell me who the fuck has a homepage that’s not about their subject of choice? I like chronicaling the board’s drama. Most particularly since I’ve resubscribed, I’ve been pretty fucking polite. I’m not “stirring up bad feelings”, you are just pissed at me. Those are feeling you already had, toots.

Anything you personally find objectionable? You a big fan of EvilCaptor’s writings?

You are twisting around “policy” to act as though I’m promoting something, but Skip Magic and OpalCat basically advertise competing forums. W T F?

I would think that if SkipMagic or Opalcat administered snark boards, you’d have a point. But they don’t, so you don’t.

This thread makes me sleepy.

Quoting to you from the rules, which you may find here:


"We have one guiding principle: Don’t be a jerk. . .

"You agree, through your use of this service, that you will not use the SDMB to post any material that you know or should know is false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, threatening, invasive of a person’s privacy, or violative of U.S. law. You agree not to post material that in our opinion fosters or promotes activity that is illegal in the U.S. We reserve the right to revoke the posting privileges of persons misrepresenting themselves on the SDMB. . .

“You agree to abide by the wishes of the board moderators in interpreting and enforcing these rules.”

"Refusal to cooperate with board moderators or to abide by these rules is grounds for revocation of your posting privileges. "

"Do not post spam, including but not limited to advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes, solicitations, offers to trade or barter, charitable appeals,

or other messages primarily intended to promote a cause, venture, organization, event (except Straight Dope-related events),

**website, **

or other entity or activity . . .

(Emphasis mine.)

“The board is not intended to furnish you with a forum for promoting your personal agenda.”

We can ask you to remove anything in a profile we find objectionable. We will remove it ourselves if you do not comply. Further conflict could result in a temporary or permanent loss of your privileges. This may be considered a Warning.


Carny doesn’t administer a snark board.



So listing my homepage is promoting my homepage? Or are you saying I promote the anon boards? I really don’t, I just collect bookmarks.
Hey Otto, you hypnotised by my shit flinging? It’s happened to better men than you.

Michael ROTFLton.

no u

Is it fap or fwap? :dubious:

STFU xplodododododer.

So wait … the last time I wandered through Opal’s website, there was a whole page devoted to insults from the boards, including those leveled against fellow Dopers. Don’t get me wrong, the Page O’ Flames is a really fun read. But where exactly is the line drawn?

If having a homepage link constitutes spamming the contents of that page, should I remove my website from my profile? The busiest part of the site promotes my former employer (the one with the Bowdlerized mermaid logo).

I got no dog in this fight, burning or no (although the word “snark” is getting more and more tiresome in my opinion … or should I say twee?) but I’m curious as to whether this ruling reflects a more restrictive view of what websites can or can’t be linked in profiles.

This is a very week flameout. You’d better arrange for someone to out one of their socks and liven things up or it will go down in history as the lamest suicide by admin ever. And that is plenty lame.

I’d say something sarcastic but I just don’t care enough.

Aah, thanks ETF, lissener and xploder. Now this thread feels like home.
I guess I really don’t get what the Admins here get out of smacking me with the rule stick. Do you really think that if I remove the link or leave the boards that everything will be peachy keen? The anon community will vanish? While my subscription was lapesed did you notice a period of tranquility?

Except for a couple of occasions when board history has come up, no one even clicks on my homepage. It’s not like I have a pay porn site. sheesh.

Oh for fuck’s sake.

What are some things that SDMB Mods really really hate? Board wars, excessively hard feelings among members, feeding trolls and talking about Wally’s death.

What do you have all over your home page? Chronicles of board wars, excessively hard feelings among members, feeding trolls and Wally’s death.*

What exactly did you think their reaction to your link would be? Are you honestly going to sit here and claim that you had no idea that poking sore spots with pointy sticks wasn’t going to get a reaction? How fucking stupid are you?

*And other stuff too, but a lot of your content can fairly be classified thusly.

Ooh! Ooh! Pick me!

[The Highwaymen]Michael R-O-T-F-L, halleluiah![/The Highwaymen]

I suppose it depends on the majority content of the homepage. You found the board insults while wandering though Opals site. I imagine that the collection isn’t the sole content or even the majority content of the site.

From the sounds of it, CarnalKs site is pretty much all SDMB drama. Thusly it crosses the line.

CarnalK, I’m curious as to why you would collect these links on your homepage if not to “stir things up.” It does seem a mite blatant to me.