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Are we allowed to discuss The Giraffe Boards, or Bomebo or CarnalK’s site or even the snarkpit? Since I cam back online, after a multi year hiatus, I was wondering. Before, any and every other board that was the least bit critical to here was barred from discussion.

Has that changed?

Also, PLEASE let everyone here know rather than just making things vanish.

Are you talking about the Snark Pit thread? I went to go and read it – and got the old, “You Do Not Have Permission to Read This Thread”. They’ve never allowed ANYONE to discuss the snack pit for some reason. :rolleyes:

Yes they have. The rule was “Discuss it all you want, just don’t link to it.”


If there are new rules, it’s news to me.

Of course, you do realise that Bomebo is Domebo…at least I hope you do.

I thought CarnalK’s site was the Snarkpit?

Skip’s Magic Board

Nope. I’m not even sure whether or not I’m allowed to link to it. Look in Carny’s profile and see if he still uses it as his website is all I can tell ya.

At least for now…(cue spooky music) wooooooooooo…

Won’t somebody puh-leeze think of the children?!

After deleting three of my threads, I have been informed by Rico in a private message I am no longer allowed to publicly complain or publicly ask questions about a particular topic. All complaints or questions regarding said topic must be directed at administration - I assume privately.

Any reason given why?

So we aren’t allowed to even discuss the snarkpit or CarnalK’s site? WTF? What the hell are y’all afraid of? Truth being shown out here in the open?

(I’m not complaining. Just commenting. )


I figure it is one of the dopes “special” rules - like when Handy was no longer allowed to give any sort of medical advice after years of giving advice WAY off the mark.

So, in an hour and a half, not one Mod or Admin can be bothered to come and give an answer?

I’m not a mod or admin, but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night.


Gfactor, Marley23, Rico, and dearest twickster are all “online” now.

It takes time to arrange a hit.

Guess I better get out the armor underwear right now then…


Hmm I was in an Express holiday inn last night, there was some idiot at the bar talking about a prosthetic Jesus. Was that you?

It was trolling, which is not permitted.

Being logged in doesn’t mean I am anywhere near my computer, which I was not. Thank you for your patience.

Xploder, consider this a formal warning not to link to those sites. [I’ve broken the links.] Fenris’s summary of the rules is accurate to my recollection, although it left out one element, which is that we require “off board” issues (for example, grudges between two SDMB members that began on another board, or in real life) to be handled “off board.” We do not have a rule against mentioning other sites. We require mod permission for posts intended specifically to draw attention to other sites, and the gist of Seven’s thread was “I post at the snark pit, do you?” This violates the rule related to off-board business and the latter rule. It was trolling and it’s definitely not allowed.

In what manner could that possibly construed as trolling? He didn’t misrepresent himself, try to incite an argument or bait anyone into one. It was a cryptic thread for anyone not familiar, sure. Did it interrupt the flow of threads on anal sex and stool examination and reading material for the shitter? To call it trolling is pretty lame. Why not just lock the thread then?