Everyone Hates Teenagers!

Save teachers and people who work with us daily, almost everybody (parents and relatives excluded) shows a certain amount of antipathy towards teenagers. Whether it is hiring a security guard at the local grocery store to serve just during high school lunch or that familiar “dirty look” you get from your neighbors who used to like you before you turned 15, I’m pretty sure all teenagers have experienced it. I don’t think that they were any different at your age; everybody has to go through high school, everybody has to grow up, and everybody goes through an awkward stage. So why does everybody, constantly, always, give me shit for being what I am - a teenage boy?

Because you’re a teenaged boy! DUH! :rolleyes:

…and a whiny little bastard too.

Eh. Circle of life, and all that junk. Someday you to will get a little older and find yourself thinking, “damn kids. I was never like that when I was that age” and then you’ll realize that you were. And it will suck. Because not only did you just realize you’re getting old, you also realized that you were a dumb kid just like everyone else. No one really hates teenagers you see, we just don’t like being reminded that we used to be one.

Nay! I’ve met teenaged boy’s who act like reasonable, responsable, polite, nice young men - they report little or know shit received.

OTOH, I’ve met teenaged boy’s that act like pompus, obnoxious, potty-mouthed assholes. They seem to get a lot of shit.

I’m making no statements about which sort of teenaged boy you are.

At least he writes well, so that’s a coupla points in his favor. That other stupid Pit thread he just started is on the opposite side of the balance, tho’.

Well, I hate to have to be the one to break this to you, but you guys smell kind of funny. Also, you guys tend to be sort of loud and get in the way a lot.

And pull your damn pants up, you damn hippie.

Another angle of Nik’s view is like so: I know what I and my friends were like at 15. Now that I’m old enough to know the stupid shit we did, I’m compelled to think you’ll probably do the same stupid shit. Rolling houses, prank phone calls, setting things on fire and/or blowing them up.
If you leave a group of 15 year old guys alone with no supervision, they will eventually get bored which eventually leads to getting into trouble. Also, your hormones are imbalanced and the extra guard is there to keep you in line. Trust me.

And stay outta the fridge. Them groceries are supposed to be for the whole week.

Its because they all seem to wear their pants pulled down below their ass cheeks.

And what the hell are you doing in the bathroom that’s taking so long?

I work in a high school and I can tell you that my perception of teenage boys has changed. Before I started there, my perception was backwards hats and bad attitudes. Since I have been working with 1000 teenagers every day for four years, I can tell you that a high school is a mircocosm of society. You have over achievers, the average and ones that might as well walk around with “doomed” stamped on their forehead.

Now…as to the dirty looks. The rules you hate in high school were probably created because one or more of your peers fucked up. Therefore, everyone has to be regulated in the same way for the sake of fairness. For the most part, you can blame this on the idiots that DO act like morons. Baggy pants, loud music in the car, disrespectful attitudes, vandalism…etc. Fair or not, you are tarred with their brush simply because of your age and proximity. It took immersion into the world I am in to change my perception…most people you know cannot benefit from this and therefore judge all of you for the transgressions of a few.

hahaha ! Very appropiate thread after the one about ugly teens kissing…

I don’t hate teens ! I just have a terrible dislike for them… :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Behaviour: Teens tend to not listen to people… they barely know how to behave… they talk loud and dress wierd. Normally they complain a lot… hear Heavy metal. They think they “know everything”.

  • Visually: Teens are scrawny and awkward looking. Pimples all over their faces. Dress horribly (again).

  • History: We were teens once… and it sucked being a teen. Most teens are a pool of low self esteem and lack of sex. So we look at the next generation with a mix of pity and disgust. :smiley:

    Basically children might be a hassle… but they can be nice and cute. Teens can only be “problem”. Children can get away with more mistakes. So you’re expected to ACT like an adult and NOT to do childish stuff… while not being an adult yet. Excessive hormones too don’t help. My younger brother acted “deaf” alot…

    Don’t worry its a temporary problem ! :smiley: Just relax and remember that you will be an adult one day. Enjoy your last days of “childhood”.

I’m washing my hair!!!

I hate teen-agers. Lousy good for nothings. With their “hippity hoppity”. Feh.

Ane let me turn it around on you, Suburban…Please explain the obnoxiously loud music and the baggy pants to me. Also the weird way teenage boys wear their hats. Also, please explain the urge that some of them have to irritate for entertainment. You may not exhibit any of these behaviors…but do you have insight into those that do?

Oh, come on, you love the dirty looks. How else would you be able to justify this “me and my friends against the world” attitude?

And clean up that room! Gah! It smells like on big cheeto covered gym sock in there!


That lives in the land of dont ask dont tell

And it doesnt just apply to teenagers. My roommate, way beyond his teenage years, would spend upwards of 1/2 hour plus in the bathroom with no running water sounds, just silence. I just pretended it didnt happen. Its safer that way.