Everyone Hates Teenagers!

Huh? You were never a teenager? Sheesh I was only in highschool for a year and I remember that it’s a “microcosm of society”.

I’m 43. I had 20 years to be judgemental and forget high school.

I walk past a cop. I smile and wave. He smiles and waves right back. Later, I go to a protest rally, in which, I along with a host of others walk down the middle of a (blocked off in prep of the protest) street. A cop, possibly the same one, attempts to arrest me. He does not treat me like a human being. Why? Because, mentally, he has classified me as a rule-breaker, or a potential rule breaker, thus not worthy of his respect.

Suburban_Rythm, it the same for you. You are a teenager, thus, you are a potential rule-breaker. Hell, you break laws if you do something perfectly legal when an adult does it, such as been seen around town after certain hours, leave for another state, or sign a contract.

“And I woulda gotten away with it, too, if it hadn’t been for you Meddling Kids!”

SR, when I look back on some of the things I was doing at your age…why, I oughtta kick your ass! And I’m a girl! :slight_smile:

I think there’s a Sordid Truth no one’s admitting: lots of us are **afraid **of you. We remember teenagers, having been them. We remember how mean, petty, judgemental, harsh, cruel, bitter and downright nasty we were - or if not we as in ourselves, then those around us. I, for one, become very, very anxious around groups of teenagers, because I’m expecting the same abuse that teenagers heaped on me when I was one. It’s a Pavlovian response, really. Intellectually, I know that I’m a frumpy nearing middle-aged housewife now, and y’all are likely paying little or no attention to me, except perhaps to make fun of my jeans which actually fit me. But there’s a pure gut-level emotional reaction of panic and fear that goes all the way back to my being picked on in high school (and even earlier - for me it starts with about 6th graders.)

One on one, I often like teenagers and enjoy their company. But in packs? Eeew. Just too much of my own personal baggage that gets in the way.

Heh. Not too long ago I cranked up Lou Donaldson’s Hot Dog really loud and went out on to the balcony. A couple of tough-looking teens went by and when they saw me the looked away and hurried off as though I were brandishing a weapon. I am Mr. Gorgenchuck! And I am mighty!

Good times.

Anyway, what’s with all you squares and the baggy pants? My pants are baggy. Why? Because they’re comfortable that way. Duh.

But when the crotch hangs to the knees and you can see about ten inches of boxers, the wearer looks like an idiot. At that point, the pants have gone beyond comfort to the “hey look at me, I’m a rebel goddamnit” stage.

It’s because y’all try and light everything on fire. Once teenage boys have determined the flammibility quotient of every item known to man, then you seem to return to normal behavior. But until then…

I don’t hate teenagers. I think they can be a tasty treat, if cooked properly.

And they stay crunchy, even in milk.

Well, for me, I only play the obnoxiously loud music at my house. And even then, it’s only loud enough because I want to hear it in my room (I’m usually playing it from the computer). The baggy pants is easy - like stated before, they’re comfortable. Who wants to wear pants that get into every crack and orifice of your body? The irritation is one thing that bugs me too… I don’t know why, I guess it’s just the fact that some people are assholes.

I guess I just don’t like the whole "You damn kids! shakes fist " when we’re walking down the street.

I don’t hate teenagers, either. I just assume they have absolutely zero interest in anything I might have to say them until they indicate otherwise. This probably tends to make me appear standoffish to them.

Thank you. But you left out the answer about the sideways and backwards hats.

As to the “You damn kids” and fist shaking…I suspect the people doing that are holding a grudge for a past transgression upon them by a teenage boy. Fair? No. But this type of grudgeholding and broad brush painting is the root of predjudice.

You graduated from high school when you were 23? No wonder you’re bitter.

[sub]wow, you’re old[/sub]

Sorry. I guess it’s just one of those things that we do. I don’t really wear hats that much, but when I do I must admit that it’s rarely in the traditional, bill-forward style. Why? I dunno. My best guess is that they are no longer a functional piece of clothing - that is, we don’t wear them to keep the sun out of our eyes. For some reason, the backwards hat is more appealing (style-wise) to us.

Get off my lawn!!!

Look here, sonny! I left out the almost five years of having my current job…which I got at age 38.

What’s with all the clichés? I’m thinking about my normal school day, and in that whole day I have a class with maybe two teen guys who really need to pull their pants up. And most of my friends laugh at them as much as any of you people.

Sheesh. :wink:

Not sure what your location is, but round these parts you see roving packs of them.