Everything Steampunk! (Christmas stuff)

For fans of the genre, I have a new set of Holiday greeting cards out. I also have a whole line of iPhone, iPod, and other cell phone cases, business cards and letterheads, mouse pads, etc.

Holiday cards are here.

Assorted cell phone, iPod, and iPad cases are here.

Main store is here.

Thanks :slight_smile:

First two links don’t work but the third does. For the first time ever, I find myself wishing I owned an iPhone. Pretty freakin’ cool!

I just checked the links again, and they work for me. :frowning:

I have iPhone, Blackberry and a Samsung case - but that’s it I’m afraid.

And thanks!

My phone isn’t friendly to replacement covers. I have a Lotus Elite. It comes fancy so they probably expect that people wont want to cover it.

Now the links are definitely not working. My apologies.

Good link to Christmas cards here.

Cell phones, iPads, etc are here.

Folks, apparently Zazzle is munging up the URLs to redirect any specific request to the main site.

Here is Bloodless Turnip’s main link. You can flip around to find other things once you’re there.

Sorry for the problem, BT. Have a good holiday. Here’s to good sales.

Do the iphone 4 cases fit a 4s?

According to Speck (the manufacturer) yes.

Each case explains which phones it fits in the description below the image.

I got a Zazzle sales flyer in the mail yesterday. The skin I liked made an iphone look like a cassette tape cartridge. But, like congodwarf, I don’t have an iphone. Or any cell phone.

Perhaps you would be interested in a nice mouse pad then! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry if this is elemental, but I can’t tell what the materials are in the iPhone cases. Plastic? Fabric? Does “Funky Victorian” come in a iPhone 4s model?

Never mind; I figured it out.


Yeah, they have way too much verbiage on those pages, it’s hard to figure out where to find what you need.

To answer (for others) - there are two styles of 4s case, one is a hard case with a fabric cover, the other is a hard case with no fabric cover. So, one will be shiny but easy to clean - the other matte but not so easy to keep clean.

The fabric covered cases are manufactured by Speck. The hard cases are by Casemate.

I don’t have every design in each case as yet, since I don’t have the actual templates for the Casemate hard cases yet. If you see a design you like, but don’t see it on the case you want - let me know and I’ll make it. Skins are also available, if you aren’t into cases.

Further information on the iPhone 4/4s Speck cases, and the iPhone 4/4s Case-Mate cases:
ID Case
Barely There Case
Tough Case

I also have some for the iPhone 3 btw.