Everything's coming up roses

I face an unusual situation in my 22-year-old life – I am totally satisfied with how my life is going. For example…

I love my job.
I live in a city that until last November had only been a fantasy and not a reality.
I’ve made a lot of new friends.
My friends back home are still there for me.
I’m dating a wonderful girl who, until now, I would have thought to be totally out of my league.
I’m getting along famously with both my parents.
I have MY OWN computer.
It’s tournament time!

Seriously, I can’t think of anything I want right now. And I can’t remember a time where I had so much going for me. Even my asthma isn’t bugging me as much as it used to.

I mean, I really don’t want to sound like I’m bragging, but I’m so damn happy and I just want to share it. This is all quite amazing, too, considering my life was in the crapper all of a month ago. I hope everyone else is enjoying themselves as much. And if you’re not… you never know how quickly life can turn itself around.

Well, I’m glad that you’re happy. There’s not enough contentment in this world, and it’s good that you’ve found it, but always keep striving for the best. Enjoy yourself! :slight_smile:

Last Saturday, me & Mrs. Pinky (& Izzy) went down to a poetry slam. I got 1st place ($50), she got 2nd ($20). Considering we were down to our last $41, it was greatly appreciated and I’ve been sailing for a week. (That, & that I got to beat Ms. Pinky in public;))

Not that there’s any competition between us or anything.

Enjoy it while it lasts, cuz it won’t.

Everything’s coming up Milhouse!

You bastard. :slight_smile:

My job varies between “sucks” and “boring”
My friends are mostly hundreds of miles away from me
I have no girlfriend, and no real prospects for one
I did meet a girl who I was very attracted to and thought might eventually become my girlfriend, but apparently she was way out of my league

On the plus side I live in a fairly decent city, money is not a problem, and I have my own computers, and cats.

Life’s a toss up.

Congrats. Nice to hear a positive person whose life is going great. Makes me smile and remember when my life has been like that.

uhm, is it too much that maybe you could bottle some of your joy (not much just a pinch) and share it with those of us on the down side :wink: