Evidence and Implications of a Holographic Universe ...


more detailed scientific discussion here:

I gotta say, these articles have got me tripping like I was in a late night college bull session after drinking 4 Red Bulls. I’m thinking all kinds of groovy thoughts about whether our reality is illusory, whether we are all part of some great oversoul … heavy stuff, man.

If I smoked weed I’d smoke a big one right now.

If you want to know the truth, drive to a place that you would never consider going. Don’t follow any road signs and don’t stop for anything, not even barricades.

I did that once. I ended up in a lake. Thanks a lot.


<Otter> Pfffffffffffft Poooooooooohhhhhhhhh “So, what you’re saying, is that in the tip of my finger there is …”

<Professor Nekkid Butt Cheeks> "…a little, tiny universe!’

I’ve read both articles, with links, and this seems really interesting. Still, it’s rather hard to follow; can anyone explain, or link, to something that makes this understandable to the common man? i.e. Black Holes dissolve, all of the information inside a sphere is transmitted to the surface of the sphere, The Elephant exists in two places at once etc.

Fight My Ignorance!

I think the gist is this:

The graininess of the quantum world — the scale where space-time become discreet units — would be MUCH bigger that traditionally thought (the Planck length). So… if our universe is a hologram of some sort… the surface of our universe would be encoded with everything inside (us and everything we detect, including volkswagens and galaxies). Since the number of “bits” of information on the surface has to match the number of bits of information inside (the volume), then that means the grain of space-time is much larger than that of the encoded surface.

Imagine a glass orb covered with pennies. There are only so many pennies that can fit around the circumference, nevertheless, they’ve all been stuck on. These pennies represent the encoded information of the 3D world you’d see inside if it were a hologram. The resolution of the projected world inside needs to be the same number as pennies glued to the surface of the glass globe surrounding it. Since the volume is way bigger than the area of the sphere, the bits of resolution would therefore be larger than the penny. Hence… space-time would be way bigger, and the resolution of all matter and energy way fuzzier then ever thought.

So, this means that what we thought would be tremendously beyond detection (the fundamental structure of space-time) is now within reach. It could penultimately open a whole new branch of fundamental physics, and ultimately unify the quantum with gravity, if verified and true.

Or something.

But stuff like this gets me jazzed.

I’ve always known that my existence was fractionary but whole. In every fraction the hole. Filled. Life is too supernumerary, random, and paradoxically entrained to be other than a hologram.

Holograms… see, but not touch.

Explain that one?