If Reality Is Hologram of 2D Data, What Would Be Net Effect On Mortality Shelf Life As We Know It?

As scientists are trying to prove that all 3D reality within this universe as we know it might be hologram projection from 2D information on the outer surface of Universe, what would you think might be the net effect on our notion of mortality shelf life?

If 2D informations of everyone of us are recorded on the outer surface of Universe along with everything else inside our universe what would it mean to mortality, religion, reincarnation, etc. Would this idea, if proven to be a fact, make the notion of spirits, reincarnation, life after, etc plausible?

I just did some quick reading on physicist Alain Aspect and it appears he is indeed a legit scientist who has done some remarkable research.
There were a few comments that there might be a few loopholes in his research, but it is still a very interesting experiment.

It was interesting to read, and notable to see that even other scientists have not quite figured out how to do anything practical with this information (yet). They did mention that the inventor of lasers didn’t really know what to do with that info either - until others took it and used it to read bar codes and other data.

To say I am not a physicist, nor know anything much about physics, would be a gross understatement. I know zip. I guess I will have to spend more than 15 minutes reading this, and digesting the concept as best I can. I am an armchair, scientific geek in many respects - I love reading about research that (usually) is above my head, but it is fun to fantasize what this could mean, even if I am way off-base. As a sometimes writer, stuff like this is fun to ponder. Thanks for the links!

I’ve never heard of the holographic universe hypothesis claiming to mean that everything that ever existed is “backed up” somewhere. If we’re holograms, then we’re actively changing holograms that still grow old, die, and have all our atoms dispersed.

Or perhaps not? Your holographic atoms may disperse but the 2D information that you were projected from remains?

Brian Greene (The Fabric of the Cosmos) on PBS’s Nova explained the holographic universe theory using black hole as example that when anything is sucked into a black hole 2D information gets extracted and it remains on the physical surface of the black hole as 2D information (supposedly mathematical calculations of black holes led to this discovery)… that could be used to recreate the lost object. Perhaps someone else can properly explain and cite sources.

And what might you possibly mean by “mortality shelf life”?

I knew Plato would be proven correct eventually!