Evidence for War with Iraq

Is there enough proof/evidence for a war with Iraq? I know that it has been said before, but it seems very suspicious that North Korea has stated that they are going forward with their nuclear programs and probably have a nuclear bomb that they say can reach the west coast of the US and the inspectors cannot really find any smoking guns in Iraq. I can only hope that the US government knows so much more than we do that there is no more time to wait to depose of Saddam before he takes over the entire middle east and controls the worlds oil reserves.

Is there what the U. S. government considers enough? Well, we’ll see for sure very soon now, but it looks like the answer is yes. Should the amount of evidence we have be enough? That’s a question for Great Debates.

I thought I saw an article that said the war in Iraq is already started, that we are attacking their defense system? That would be enough proof for me.

Whether there is enough to justify a war is, of course, a matter of debate.

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