Evidence of your psychic abilities

I get a big kick out it when me and the mrs manage to “read eachothers minds”. We do it all the time, say the same thing at the same time, etc. Now I know most of this is due to plain old familiarity and common interests and reference points, but there are also the unexplainable ones…

Early on in my relationship mrsIteki was feeling a little poorly so I went out into the kitchen to make a little something for her to eat. For sme reason, I decided to make an avocado sandwich. Now, I had never heard of an avocado sandwich nor considered them something that was sandwich material, but this is what I decided to make. Bearing in mind that this was before I knew the future mrsIteki particularly well, you can imagine my surprise when it turned out that this is what her mom would always make for her when she was a kid and feeling unwell. Now where in the hell did the idea for this sandwich come from? Cue Twilight Zone music. Fade to black. Your stories please?

Last Wednesday I felt a desperate need to get in contact with an old friend who I hadn’t seen nor heard from in about 18 months - 2 years. I didn’t manage to find her, but left a message with her brother to ring me with her whereabouts if possible.

Her brother rang me on Friday to tell me she had died the day before (Thursday).

Now, I ain’t sayin’ I’m psychic, but it certainly was a bit spooky.


I knew you were going to post this.

I KNEW that you were gonna say that.

<< cue theremin >>

And I’m readin’ NCB’s mind, too.

<< frica-frackin’ simul-posts… >>

<the sum total of my psychid abilities…>

Not to mention my spelling abilities…

Nightmares for me are usually pretty rare. Whenever I do have one, something bad or traumatic happens to me the following day. No joke, I’ve been keeping track of it. Now, I’m not saying I’m psychic or anything because bad or traumatic events in my life do always follow nightmares. Nor do my nightmares have anything in common with the events. And nor are the events always something personal. It’s just a weird connection between my nightmares and something bad happening.

Here are some examples:

The night before I found out that I hadn’t been selected as a drum major, I had a nightmare where I was being eaten by a monster. For years I had worked hard to try and get that position; it was a real blow not to be selected.

The night before I found out that I had failed a final exam and gotten booted from my dorm job, I had a nightmare that I can’t remember. What I do remember is that I worked up early in the morning in terror of something I had dreamed about.

Eexample proving me to be looney:

I had no nightmares prior to the deaths of my aunt, my grandfather, or one of my band directors. I was really close with all three of them; if this phenomenom were consistent, you’d think I had had a nightmare.

It’s probably nothing, but sometimes, when something happens, it feels like I’ve dreamed that it happened before it actually happens. And while it’s happening, I think “Hey, I had a dream where I was doing this!”

I don’t even know if the above makes any sense. So, if anyone knows what I’m talking about, please, make me seem less weird. :wink:

I know exactly what you’re talking about, 7 up yours.
But since I’m considered weird myself, I can’t say that makes you any less so.

It’s deja vu all over again. I usually get it when I haven’t gotten enough sleep.

I have a frustrating ability to predict television shows…without reading the TV guide, mind you.

Here’s how it happens: sometime during the course of a day, a witty scene from some show will pop into my head. Case in point: the other day, for no reason, I reminisced about a scene on The Simpsons where an advertisement is placed for the “Itchy & Scratchy Movie.” It’s a billboard which has a mechanical Itchy driving a camera into Scratchy’s neck, spilling blood onto the street below. The blood hits a newly-married couple, who looks up at the sign in disgust…and proceeds to laugh their heads off.

Ha-ha, I think. Later that day, I’ll go turn on the TV, and guess what? The “Itchy & Scratchy Movie” episode of the Simpsons is on.

This happens ALL THE TIME.

Either my brain is in tune with TV signals, or I can see the future. Either way, I haven’t been able to develop the ability, and it’s very frustrating.

I’ve had several of those moments, but I usually don’t talk about them, lest people think I’m crazy. It really started in college, when one day, my boyfriend got me very angry. We were in the cafeteria, and I slammed my hand down on the table to make a point … and every door in the cafeteria slammed shut at the same time.

I’ve never been able to do that again.

Regularly, however, I know who’s calling before I pick up the phone, or I think of a friend I haven’t seen in ages and then bump into them at the grocery store. I have a great deal of friends who live up in Maine, and I’m not always in contact with most of them, but I’ll get some sort of feeling, call my “main point of contact”, and find out that this person was in a car accident, that person had a baby, whatever.

It’s so regular I’m used to it, at this point. But I don’t usually make a habit of telling people I’m psychic. :slight_smile:

I did openly wonder about the well being of someone I once dated while I was driving in the car to Disney World from Tampa-St. Pete. I had a “bad feeling.” She was murdered some time that day in Baltimore, Maryland. Spooky, because I hadn’t mentioned her in a couple years. Being young and having subsequent girlfriends the subject didn’t come up much if I could help it – old girlfriends: fight fodder. But, I just blurted out “Hmm, wonder what’s up with…?”

When I dated her years before, I once drove on campus for no particular reason. I found her. She gets in the car and tells me that some guy has been following her for several hours from class to class, she thinks, and she’s beginning to get scared. We had a fight because I suggested in very strong terms that she should call the cops and give a description – our first fight. She wanted to forget it and go home, which we did.

Well, to tie things up, best guess is someone followed her back to her apartment in Baltimore and killed her about five years later. Life has just enough weird “coincidences” to keep me guessing all the time. I tend to trust my instincts more. I’m not sure what “instincts” really means. That borders on something one might call psychic.