Evidently, not all money is the same color.



So technically, it’s not legal tender outside of a community of about 600? Isn’t that along the lines of my family saying that this pack of bologna will henceforth be the currency we use? Great for us, but I’m not able to get a loaf for bread or a gallon of gas if I pay with lunchmeat.

Good Og, that’s just stupid.

Private currency isn’t unknown throughout history, and considering this community wants to be autonomous, it makes sense for them to use it.

I like that the caption says they are criticized for living in the past. Being racist fucktards is all fine and dandy, as long as you’re not anachronistic about it. :rolleyes:

Yep. The small town I now live in has ‘Marietta Bucks’ which are printed by the local chamber of commerce and are accepted by local merchants. Good luck outside of downtown though.

As long as the merchant and the buyer agree on value who cares?

I guess she’s never heard of a smoothie.

RE the privately-issued currency & South Africa…

Emperor Norton I was originally from South Africa.

He was far saner than this bunch, however.

(Definitely more socially enlightened!)

Here’s proof that trailer trash is not unique to America.


Yet, somehow still not as evil as Disney Dollars.