Evil Atheist Thread

Aw. That looked like some nice glurge. I wanted to read it. Too bad you guys hopped in and modded so quickly.

That spam has been appearing almost nightly man. I know I was around to report several of the posts two nights in a row.

So just try again tomorrow. :wink:

School resumes tomorrow, he might not be back.

This isn’t the uh, club for evil atheists?? :wink:

The spammer or LOUNE?

The spammer.

Nah, we know who he is, and he’s always active someplace. If he can find a place to post his shit, he’ll post. We’ve heard from him before, we’ll probably hear from him again, until and unless he gets committed.

No, it’s not. But please feel free to start such a club…as long as you let me join.

For some serious but less evil clubs: http://www.enlightenthevote.com/ http://www.au.org/

I consider myself an atheist evildoer, personally; not an evildoing atheist.

I’m getting sick of that guy. I think I’ve banned him a dozen times, and I haven’t been the one to axe him the last few days. But if you’re interested in his particular aromatic blend of insanity I’m sure you can find his posts on other forums.

It’s not a club, it’s a conspiracy.


There are spammers posting fundie glurge letters? What ever happened to /i@gr@ and cheap cellphones?

It was some high quality glurge too, not the normal ragweed you find in college dorms. He spelled atheist in all caps, so you know he’s on the trolley.

Got me all excited with that title, and then there’s nothing to read.

And I thought this thread would be about me. Ah, well, I can continue my plot to destroy the world’s religions unhindered.

Yeah. :frowning:

The guy is seriously mentally ill. Really, the less said the better.

Meh. I was more evil when I wasn’t an atheist.

What did you axe him?

Can anyone post a brief text excerpt so I can google it? Since I lead a morally exemplary life, I need someone like this to let me know how evil I am.

They’re back; posting several threads titled “Atheism is DEAD - FOREVER”. At least I assume it’s the same; I didn’t see the earlier outbreak. I haven’t clicked on any of the links he/she/it posted, but the post is a below-par anti-atheism rant involving Nostradamus.

EDIT: And…already gone. Mods acted fast