Evil boss took away my internet

As a dispatcher in a courier company I tend to be very very busy from Sept-May. So all last year I had no internet, I didn’t even have Solitare to play if it was slow, all that I had was the fucking jigsaw puzzle of the world. I did that fucking puzzle till my eyes bled.

But then I had the net, it was so nice being able to check my e-mail whenever I wanted and I lurked in the SDMB for quite some time. Then i started posting etc. and it was all downhill, I was having way too much fun.

This morning I was on the net, I went out for lunch and my evil boss took the net away from me:( Saying that I had too much work and that I wasn’t clearing jobs. Now even I know that when it’s busy I have to work, but what is wrong with dropping in on the SDMB for a quickie?

So evil boss took away all my fun. Not to say that my boss sucks, cripes I’ve known the guy for 7+ years had many beers with him and he is more of a friend than a boss (once when I introduced him to someone in a bar as my boss he got mad) But goddamm it I want my friggin net, I read the whole newspaper in the morning and now whenever we have a lull I’m bored out of my fucking skull.

So all that I have to say to y’all is that I’ll be seeing you on a very infrequent basis. Once in the morning and once after work. So adios muchaos hang tight

<rides off into the sunset>

How about books? The other Internet :slight_smile:

I say kill him. In fact, hangings to good for that sumbitch.

If I didn’t have the internet at work, there would be … an incident, shall we say.

I can’t access the internet from work either, it’s funny but when I go to work they expect me to be doing the job I am paid for and not wasting my time playing around. I tend to agree with this policy and free time where I work is nonexistant. Lulls? What the heck is that?

Someone once berated me for wasting work time to post without first paying attention to the time difference and the fact I work the afternoon shift. It pissed me off just a little.

We’d like to have internet access at work because there is a lot of information out there that we could use but because of people abusing the priviledge the odds of that happening would be as likely as me becoming dictator of the world.

Actually, the odds of me becoming dictator are slightly better…

Manage the guy, particularly if you get on.

Strike up a deal, apologise for any past failings, but explain that the net keeps you happy in the slow times enabling you to work harder when required.

Offer something, anything, that will get your access back. Maybe no more than 10 minutes at a time, only when no work backlog - you get the idea.

Stick to the deal, ask regularly if he is happy with how things are going.

Gotta go now the boss is coming.

No really, nothing ventured etc.

Good Luck.

Actually I wish my boss would take my Internet away from me. I waste so much time I never get my work done. It’s like a drug.