I got caught!

My boss found out I was on the internet and gave me a talking to. Sh*t. Now I can only read the SDMB during lunch. Damn. I was still getting my work done! Damn spycam. (Some remote software where they can tell what software I’m accessing, and for how long.) Crap.

I’m a bad girl.

Whew! Thought you were gonna say you got caught for the murder of your husband, but then I realized that was a fictional character, while you’re a three-dimensional person!

Sorry you got caught. Hope I don’t!

[closes every Net window possible…] :wink:

That sucks, no fair! Sorry you got caught Delores Claiborne.

I have always thought as long as you get your work done and on time they shouldn’t have a problem with it. I would hate to see how my supervisors would react to how much time I spend on line. :eek:

When my boss comes in, the SDMB is the page I switch to so he doesn’t see what I’m really doing!


ooooooooh dear. Sorry you got caught, Dolores

I think I shall consider this a sort of ‘but for the ineffable grace of the divine’ thingy.

I could so, so easily get caught. I must stop reading the SDMB during work time. I was doing quite well at keeping it to lunchtimes to start with, but I have so little self control. Right. Tomorrow is the first day of my new regime of internet use. Right. I shall allow myself a 5 minute news bulletin at 11am and 4pm, when I shall check the BBC News website, the Guardian website and theregister.co.uk.