Evil prestige classes

I’m making a world for a homebrew game, and wanted to get some inspiration for some evil and often-evil-leaning classes (e.g. necromancer, anti-paladin, bounty hunter, assassin…)

I have the Book of Vile Darkness, but does anybody know of any websites which might give some more ideas?

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Used car salesman?
Blind call solicitors?
My ex-wife?

Petty bureaucrat.

The grifter: rogue subclass. This character is basically a conman/woman. Requires high dex, charisma, and above average intelligence. The grifter might operate as a normal rogue in the party most of the time, but if the opportunity presents itself, the grifter will do things like seriously undervalue a gem or other treasure, or substitute a low quality gem for a higher quality gem of the same sort in the party loot, before it’s evaluated by an outsider of course. There’s an Order of the Stick comic about Haley divvying up the loot, and claiming that the only proper way to share is if each of the other five PCs takes an equal share of the money, plus one magic item, while she takes her share in money, plus “these two worthless rocks”. Roy insists that she take a double share of the coins, but not the rocks. Haley laughs all the way to the bank.

NPC grifters could sell shoddy weapons, armor, supplies, and horses to the party. Or involve the party in a rigged gambling game.

Note that a grifter will attempt to con only if s/he feels reasonably sure of success…or reasonably sure of a quick getaway.

Lawful characters will not knowing allow a grifter in the party, even if the grifter only targets non-party members.

I assume you’re talking DnD 3.5 here? In all honesty, what’s the problem with the sixty-bajillion existing prestige classes? Of which there’s a nontrivial sampling here:


I can point you in the direciton of enough PrC’s to choke an elephant (last I checked, the mere listing of class names, solely for WotC’s own PrC’s ran over a hundred pages). Whatever you’re after, you’ve got.

But, saying you want some more classes, how likely are the players to want/use said classes? You don’t really need an entire class writeup for a one-off villain.

I’m basically looking for evil classes only, and was rather overwhelmed by the big lists I saw of prestige classes generally. I was wondering if there were any lists out there of only evil prestige classes, just for convenience’s sake.

Question which may sound wierd: are you looking for evil mechanics, or for evil flavor?