Evil Trump supporter tweets a strobe at Kurt Eichenwald

Trump critic Kurt Eichenwald, who is a known epileptic, had a strobe light tweeted at him with the message, “You deserve a seizure.” Eichenwald has had to leave Twitter in self defense.

I’m waiting with bated breath for Trump’s angry tweet about this “unpresidented” attack on free speech.


This is the pit? Good.

I report to a UK based organization. I really don’t need Putin’s man whore ironically misspelling words reported in the BBC. I am now being cyber-bullied by my boss and colleagues thanks to this walking orange embarrassment.

You may be glad to know that I have developed a defense: “In 4 years we get a chance to be rid of him. Brexit is forever, bitches!”

It doesn’t help that about 6 months ago I insisted that there was no way Trump could win the presidency. They like to remind me of that.

I hope the Brits will hurry up and do something stupid so that I can hide behind it.

That’s pretty fucked up but I doubt it will be the worst thing that will happen to a Trump critic at the hands of Trump supporters in the next four years.

I give it a little less than 2 years from inauguration that a Trump supporter kills a Trump critic.

Eichenwald is a lying, dishonest prick and in a more moral era would be an embarrassment to his publishers. Witness his ridiculous behavior on Tucker Carlson’s show when called on his claim that Trump was hospitalized in 1990 for a nervous breakdown. Time and time again when asked by Carlson to state yes or no as to whether Trump had indeed been so hospitalized, Eichenwald refused to answer by claiming Carlson wouldn’t allow him to answer it. Repeatedly Carlson then would say go ahead and answer, and Eichenwald’s response yet again would be to claim he wasn’t being allowed to answer. He was phony, dishonest and dissembling the whole way through.

Plus so far as I know there’s no reason for him to stay off Twitter. The strobe (whose posting I don’t agree with) was in the form of a GIF, which you have to click to get it to animate. It’s not like simply opening the site is going to suddenly inundate you with flashing strobe lights. Perhaps if he weren’t such a lying, obfuscating and obnoxious twit he wouldn’t inspire people to do things like that to him.

So you’re saying that Tucker Carlson, or Trump, or any of a hundred other lying, obfuscating, and obnoxious twits on the right (in addition to those on the left) deserve the threats they get?

That’s a pretty disgusting sentiment, akin to “if you didn’t want your husband to beat you, why’d you keep nagging him”.

Somebody tried to do that to me they’d be in for a serious asskicking. I’d make sure that person would regret it.
(Mind you, flashing lights don’t bother me – I don’t have photosensitive epilepsy. I’d still be seriously fucking pissed)

Funny, that’s the same way I feel about Fucker Carlson and any outlet that allows him to be on the payroll.

You expected something different from that animated piece of human shaped feces?

Good thing I haven’t advocated such a sentiment then, huh?

I clearly stated that I didn’t agree with the posting of the strobe light. But actions have consequences, and whether a person deserves the results he gets from his actions or not, he certainly bears responsibility for them. It’s like the old saw about how a person deserves to be able to walk down a dark alley in expensive clothes and jewelry with money hanging out of his pockets and not be disturbed, but the reality is that anyone stupid and foolish enough to do so is very likely to get results he would have avoided if he’d behaved in a more intelligent fashion.

Probably also does this:

I agree that is evil. I wonder if people who do stuff like that call themselves Christians because that is very un-Christian-like behavior.

Put me down for “deplorable, but not deadly.”

You know what? Fuck that shit. I don’t know anything about this guy, but just trying to give someone a seizure is fucked up. Go fuck a cactus.

What nervous breakdown? The way I heard it, Trump was hospitalized in 1990 for degenerative brain syphilis contracted from a Malaysian rentboy.

Sounds like the kind of claim that alarms my “more here than meets the eye” (no pun intended) detector. But, in case it is true, I have this to offer:

**“Evil Trump supporter…”
**Well fuck, that narrows it down.

A proposition likely less painful than with you, my dear. :slight_smile:

Just more bullshit victim blaming. Never okay.

You know, it’s okay to say “Eichenwald’s an ass, but being an ass doesn’t make one deserve epileptic assaults (or death threats, or rape threats, or whatever), and those such should be condemned” or similar. You don’t have to defend the actions of every conservative asshole. Certain things are beyond the pale, and not the fault of the victim.

Eichenwald is a much better person than you are.

This is the second time this has happened to Eichenwald. The first time was back in September in repsonse to this article in Newsweek entitled “How The Trump Organization’s Foreign Business Ties Could Upend National Security”. That attack did not trigger a seizure.

Perhaps conservatives could tell me what in this article that is lying and obfuscating and an embarassment to his publishers and would justify not only a physical assault but also threats against his children. And while they are at it, could they also tell me how “actions have consequences” also applies to the threats and harassment received by the following from Trump supporters: Katy Tur, Charles Blow, Jeffrey Goldberg, Julia Ioffe, Megyn Kelly, Bethany Mandel, Erik Erikson, Jonathan Weisman, Sopan Deb, Chuck Jones, Dana Schwartz, and Michelle Fields (among others)?

Any condemnation of bad behavior that includes even the slightest element of victim blaming is not an actual condemnation, but an excuse.

In a country of 300+ million that’s a bold prediction.