Ok, enough's enough: Kurdt Kobain

Kurdt, boy; you’re a fucking braindead moron.

[li]:rolleyes:[/li][li]:smack:[/li][li]:wally[/li][li]:dubious:[/li][li]:o[/li][li]:rolleyes::rolleyes:[/li][li]:wally:smack:[/li][li]Running out of smilies[/li][li]Jesus, man[/li][/ul]

Go shove a tree up your ass, you faux angsty goth-wannabe. You couldn’t write your way out of a paper bag, and you’re debate skills suck more than an anteater’s.

I agree in principle but my terrible wrath has been diverted by the poor text-to-smiley ratio in your OP.

Do you want a do-over?

o rly

Hello Ilsa Lund,

Your mother!

That pretty much sums up what I have to say about this subject. Further discussion of the minutiea regarding your mother will be gladly fielded.


Oh dear this is not right at all
Ilsa Lund what ever did you do to the

What the hell

Boy, I’m glad you aren’t a vindictive asshole who never drops something or accepts apologies or change!

You’re better described as a saucy lad, if that.

My pants are all gone, Ilsa Lund I know this may not be the most appropriate place, but do you know where they went?

Perhaps up your butt!

Just kidding folks, just kidding, Ilsa Lund only sticks his hand up his ass.

The smilies are links.

Do over:

I have met more intelligent and lucid bonobos. Koko the gorilla can sign her emotions better than you can type them.

Was it really necessary to post five times in a row to a single thread?

Oscar Wilde you ain’t, kid.

Ah, I see now. I don’t generally use the mouse and there’s no adumbration that they’re links without mousing over.

It was worth it for the do-over, though.

Hey, what a surprise. Ilsa_Lund is pitting someone.

Ah, ILSA, found someone of your own size to pit I see. This should be a fair fight.

Good luck on finding someone YOUR own size, county.

Now Now blondie, don’t go changing the subject. (You can pit me if it suits you)

Be kinda redundant, though. You really pit yourself everytime you post. Fucko off.

Fuck you too, dude.

:throws feces indiscriminately:

Right back at you, sparky.