Fenris, a question

You post a lot of parodies, not as many as you used to, though. You seem to be anti-troll. Yet…

-WRT to troll parody threads-

What’s the point of parodying people who were here for a few weeks, if that? Who posted all of 100 or less times?

You’re feeding them, and worse of all, sometimes years after the fact. That’s making them very happy. Have you honestly never thought of this, or are you happy to feed them?


How can you guys manage to remember the troll’s names, their MO, etc., after a long while has passed? Is the board that boring?

No it is not boring, it is just that posters that somehow escape banishment are as interesting as accidents. You know: posters that every sensible member sees their name in the op and have to do a double take, because they thought the op was already exiled to silicon heaven.

That kind of amazing feat is what IMHO Fenris notices, and all normal posters cherish his rants against one trick ponies…

[sub][looks at OP’s name.][/sub]
Nevermind! :wally
[sub](BTW I am not calling you a troll, but a OTP.)[/sub]

Yes! In fact, is it beyond boring <yawn>
There are so many other boards out there that more interesting - you might want to go investigate your options.

Some train-wreck posters are incredibly fun. Like Question, and his bongwater-stained psuedo-science. Others are just really memorable, for various reasons. The Grapist comes to mind.

It’s shared experiences that make them special. We all looked, we all saw, we all gaped open mouth at the carnivale of horror unfolding before us. And we all look bad with fond memories at how at one time the Dopers stood as One in defiance of evil and ignorance. And this is why we carry on that torch today. For our present, and our children’s future.
Carry on, Fellow Dopers!!! :slight_smile:

It isn’t that the board is that boring. It’s just that there are some One-Trick Ponies[sup]TM[/sup] whose shtick was so memorably loopy that it becomes rather difficult to eradicate from memory.

Such as one former member’s obsession (and I use that word in the literal sense) with circumcision. This guy is still the father, uncle, and great-granddaddy of all the One-Trick Ponies[sup]TM[/sup] in my book.

Another had a fixation on Englebert Humperdinck. Let’s not go there.

Another was positively loopy about phi. I still don’t get this one.

Another had a bug up his ass about “hoaxed” moon landings.

And so on.

The characteristics that so many of them had in common was not simply the obsession itself, which was fascinating enough in a “look at the collision of clown cars” sort of way, but the intensity and the often esoteric nature of the fixation made it a rather remarkable combination to witness in action.

It may be fun to watch, and I admit to being entertained by some of them, but ultimately it is an exercise in futility to reason or debate with them. Even so, these monuments of one-note Dopers remain lodged in our collective memories.

Kurdt just think, one day you too will be parodied. It is a mark of honor.

Hell, with his weekly appearances in the pit, and now a direct query of Fenris, Kurdt’s angling for a spot on the chowder society’s short list. I wish he’d just Get A Hobby!

'Cuz it’s funny.

Not really. Most of the people Fenris goes after aren’t trolls, they’re idiots. They aren’t posting stuff just to get a reaction, they’re posting stuff that they (apparently, at least) honestly, really, truly believe in.

It’s called “memory.” People on these boards tend to have long ones.

Kurdt Kobain

Let us all pause for a moment of whining.

Damn it! He got banned before Fenris could respond. Now we’ll be denied the pleasure of the royal ripping KK would have gotten, his puerile and profane response, followed by a Fenris coup de grace.

If this weren’t the Pit (and please, everyone, note that this is the Pit), we could do a parody of how KK would have responded.

Of course, we won’t, because this is not the place for parodies or other forms of joking around.

You know Cards, I find your sig to be quite appropriate for this thread.

I have nothing further to add.

Kurdt has been banned? Who wins the pool?

I liked this:


sigh whyizzit that Kurdt Kobains are always shooting their mouths off?

[sub]sorry, couldn’t resist[/sub]

Heh, that’s pretty good, heater.

I must have missed that one. Could you give me a link? I would search, but phi is too short to look up.

Here. He reached the end of Lynn’s patience.