how do you tell if someone is evil or not?? how do you tell exactly what is right or wrong?? isn’t it all just a point of view?

coughs Okay, I love being the first one here. This is the wrong forum for such broad, nonfactual questions.

However, I will answer your first. An evil person invariable paces a lot, and often makes unwanted advances on women important to a protagonists life. Sometimes, they will have facial hair, in the form of pointed beards and angled moustaches. If you find someone killing another person, often the killer is an evil person, but this is not always to be trusted - YMMV.

I’m not being cute when I say there have been books written on this subject. Just so you know the magnitude of the subject you have chosen.

but the person killing the other person could believe that they are doing the right thing. they will believe that it is supposed to be done.

and yes i do know the magnitude… that is why i chose the topic.

Er, rav, that’s why I said that often that’s not a good measure. A few other signatures of evil are a dark volcano fortress, and a penchant for falling to a single man where armies have failed to stop him.

Now for a more serious answer. I think that picking huge, earth shattering topics is often detrimental. Like a poet, you have to be able to scale down to something people can relate to, and trust me, average Joe Q. Morality can’t really comprehend an absolute “Good” or “Evil,” if in fact there is such a thing. Forcus on the evils of Crime vs. Law, or to scale it down, why someone would rob a store.

Just an opinion.

I’ve once heard it said that “At it’s root, evil is a lack of empathy.” Take that as you may.

alright alright. i’ll try harder next time… when i feel up to the challenge. as of right now my brain feels like it has been put in the microwave for three minutes on high and needs to sleep. i should probably walk that foot over to my bed before i fall asleep at my keyboard again and wake up with funky shapes on my forehead. i’ll be back in the morning to write something of interest.

But your name is.