Evolution isn't Science; It's Science Fiction

This is what has been posted on the message space outside a local church. In the past they’ve had relatively innocuous sayings and slightly pithy epigrams, but this is the first evidence that I’ve seen of anti-sciencism.

You should rearrange the letters into something blasphemous.

Yes, rearrange them to say “Yeah, too bad it doesn’t make as much sense as God sacrificing Himself to Himself to change laws He Himself made.”

You might have to stop at the letter store first. Or grab some from another church’s sign too.

Church signs are more fun than bubble-wrap, anyway.

At least there are plenty of C’s, I’s, T’s, and E’s.

Anti-sciencism? They’re just defending science from silly unscientific ideas like evolution. Pro-sciencism, if anything.

I can re-arrange it to spell
Live Tissue Connection; Scenic Fiction Ties


Occlusive Nonentities; Fits Conic Niceties

**Listen, Consecutive Ion; Coins Infect Cities **

Intensive Cuticle Soon: If I Tits Conscience

If I Conscience Tits
Give them a break. They are attempting to be witty rather than picketing a veteran’s funeral. :slight_smile:

Perhaps adding a sign that says

“But Religion is Fantasy”

might be appropriate?

All that eternal damnation and smiting? I’m thinking more horror.

The thing is, if they got their view of evolution from pop culture, it probably is science fiction. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a show that gets evolution right (besides maybe the documentaries, but now those are often crap, too).

Sci-Fi book name!

Now all we need is someone named Consecutive Ion to come in this thread and be offended.

I have longed wanted to have a bar across the street from a rabid church along with a marquee to rebut their signs weekly.

I’ve been torn on what to call said bar.

Darwin’s Point.



Heck’s half acre.

Heck. ( ooooh…)

All in good clean fun.

I fist slit cite; conscientious convenience.

The Beagle.

The Finch and Barnacle.

Darwin’s Point and The Beagle are both good. :slight_smile:

If your patronage is into the Blues you could play Blind Willie Johnson, Sister Rosetta Tharp and Son House.

Swallows. It can be a family eatery by day…

Never mind - faulty anagram