Evolution of noses

Shouldn’t extremely large noses on humans been made smaller by evolution?
For example, a friend of mine keeps getting her nose messed up by accidents (No, I don’t do it). One would think that “Hey, big noses should be gone by now!”

Maybe she’s accident prone, but I’ve seen doors jump right out and bite her on the nose because it was in the way. (her nose, not the door)

Barbara S.

3 reasons.

  1. That would only work as a selection pressure against big noses if said accidents led to death, especially death before reproduction. Since you’ve seen more than one accident on the same nose, that indicates that the accidents are not fatal. Thus, no selection pressure.

  2. A second selection pressure would be attractiveness. There would need to be some really strong bias against big noses overall. Okay, maybe there is. See 3.

  3. Nose size is a statistical property - there is a distribution of available nose sizes that are related to other things. While the frequency of really huge noses is low, it is not zero because there are so many other factors that might keep the gene around. For instance, being recessive. Being a combination of several genes so it can hide and then resurface in subsequent generations. Or some other factor.

  4. Maybe REALLY BIG NOSES are selected against, we’re just left with the sorta big noses that haven’t been selected against yet.

Okay, I threw that last one in there. :wink: