Evolution Question

did people who own winter homes in warm places evolve closer to birds?

Why a duck?

The people kept their homes warm with hot ducks running through the house.

Why do ducks have flat feet?

–To stamp out cigarette butts

Why do elephants have flat feet?

–To stamp out flaming ducks
(as long as we’re getting philosophic over here)

“…send lawyers, guns, and money…”

 Warren Zevon

did people who own winter homes in warm places evolve FROM birds?

If you’re cold, you can stand over migrate.


That probably should’ve been: If your tale is told,. . .


Canadian geese: they really are Floridians.

I wasn’t sure if there was anything worthwhile in this question, so I gave it a chance. My doubts have been confirmed.
MPSIMS incoming.

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It is a little known fact that Dodo birds did not actually become extinct. Instead, the lonely sailors who discovered them had intercourse with them and produced Dodo/human hybrids. These hybrids eventually evolved into pseudohumans who have an instinctual urge to move to Florida in their old age. That is why these people are called ‘snowbirds’ in Florida.