Evolutionary desserts for Darwin's b-day

So what are you all bringing to share at the big Darwin Day celebration you’ll be attending?

The best idea I have had so far is to get a box of Turtles - the chocolate and caramel coated pecan clusters - and say they were Galopagos Tortoises. But I’d love to hear any other ideas of themed sweets for the big fella’s 200th.

(Seriously - please tell me I’m not the only one going to a Darwin Day celebration!)

Hot dogs— in honor of the HMS Beagle? :slight_smile:

What occurs when regular lasagna evolves into a higher life form: CHOCOLATE LASAGNA

Wasn’t Darwin a member of some society dedicated to eating as many different species as possible? Google is unwilling to yield results.

edit: the Gourmet Club

Shouldn’t one just throw ingredients together at random, and pick the dessert that fits the occasion best?


No, one should place all potential ingredients in the fridge, close it up, and walk away for a year (or more). Anything that walks out under its own power wins.

I was thinking layered jello, with different plastic figures in the layers. Dinosaurs at the bottom, domestic cats and dogs at the top!

Ah, stratigraphy humor.

Well, more accurately, one should take a dessert, make a bunch of versions of it all slightly different, and pick the best version. Then use that version as a starting point to make a bunch of variations, picking the best one of those as the new starting point. Repeat the process a few hundred times and enjoy the final result.


:smiley: Good’n.

I’m skipping dessert, and exercising instead. I want to be the fittest.

Right. A nice fruit salad, maybe with low-cal dipping sauce, labelled “For the Survival of the Fittest.”

Recipes imply teleology.