Eww! Dad, that's disgusting!

At breakfast today, my dad spread orange marmalade on his toast, and topped it with a slice of Kraft cheese. And he ate it… Blech!!

And then if that wasn’t bad enough…

… he spread peanut butter (crunchy) on another piece of toast, and topped it with a slice of smoked ham. And he ate it :eek:

That’s just wrong.

My dad likes avocado with fermented tofu. With a little Chinese “preserved vegetable”. Or maybe peanut butter.

I understand, I hate Kraft cheese, he should use the real thing… maybe a slice of cheddar.

Years ago I saw my mum eating an apple together with a slice of cheese (though not kraft).

At first I thought it was totally bizarre, but I have to admit that when I tried it, it wasn’t bad.

My father (back when he had to eat) used to eat peanut butter and pickled cauliflower sandwiches. Seriously. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe the OP’s dad is pregnant. (Now, that’s disgusting!) :wink:

Try it with the apple & cheese microwaved together. I do it with 2% cheeze slices & a quartered apple. The cheeze melts and the apple gets slightly warm & softer & somehow sweeter. Yum.


I like apples and good cheddar cheese. Yum!

My mom eats weird stuff, too. She was eating a sandwich that I thought was peanut butter with a slice of apple, which sounds okay, but it was really peanut butter with a slice of radish! :eek: I think maybe she’s missing some taste buds.

When I was a kid, I know we’d occasionally go to diners that would serve apple pie with a just-barely-melted slice of cheese on top. It’s really good, surprisingly.

My dad used to fry slices of bologna or summer sausage, put ketchup in the middle, then roll 'em up and eat them. I always thought that was pretty gross.

Although, back in the day, he used to eat beef tartare too. So I guess by comparison it’s not all that bad.

I’ve had apple pie with cheese a couple of times. It’s surprisingly edible. Nothing I’d go out of my way for, but I can see how someone would like it.

We once (well, a couple of times) made a casserole that involves apples, saurkraut, and cheese.

As horrifying as that sounds, it was actually pretty tasty. I’m not sure what possessed us to try it the first time when we saw it in the cookbook.

My Dad: Peppermint ice cream and oatmeal.

A friend’s Dad: Peanutbutter, jelly & balogna sandwiches.

My Dad: A slice of bread spread with condensed milk, topped with a slice of onion.

I can’t say anything, as one of my all-time favorite burgers is a peanut-butter burger with the works from Jungle Jim’s in Orlando.


Apple pie without cheese
Is like a kiss without a squeeze

We always got slices of nice, sharp Cheddar with our homemade apple pie. Bliss! The sharp cheddar balances the sweetness of pie, and apples and cheese just dance so well together.

With vanilla ice cream? Far too sweet.

Vive le cheese!

My grandmother has been known to eat sandwiches of mayo, ham, and grape jelly on a toasted hamburger bun.

I just. Don’t. Get it.

At family dinner time, my mother had a habit of mixing everything on her plate all into one. The oddest combination that she ate was a mixture of spaghetti and meat sauce with salad. As in mixing the salad with her spaghetti. While not outright gross, there are some definite texture issues as far as I’m concerned. Ew.

Apples with cheese is a perfect New England snack, Though I admit I’ve never had cheese with apple pie.

But a superbly sharp cheese with a slightly tart apple (like a cortland or macintosh) is divine. I went to an orchard yesterday and came abck with some nice cortlands and some Cabot private stock cheddar. I damn near cut my mouth open, the stuff’s so sharp! :eek: :smiley:

JUNGLE JIM’S! Wow, someone else who knows about that place. I love their burgers, and I often stop there as a treat on Friday evening, on my way to a movie at the Downtown Disney AMC Theater. I’ve never opted for the peanut butter burger, though.

I only go when I’m in Florida (which lately has been pretty often!). ElzaHub and I are planning a trip in February to Disney, so I’m going to take him to JJ’s for a peanut butter burger (he doesn’t believe me when I say it’s awesome). I LOVE that burger. Try it - seriously - they guarantee it;).