Ewwww.... Human baby dishes from China - Link goes to images

I came across this site and I was wondering if this was true. I know that it’s been discussed before but I have never actually seen pictures of baby delicacies before.

WARNING - This link contains images of babies and placenta being cooked and served. Do NOT click on this link if you are easily disturbed by this.

So is this real? Do the Chinese really eat babies?

Snopes seems to think not: http://www.snopes.com/horrors/cannibal/fetus.htm

Yucky pictures though.

www.snopes.com is your friend. They don’t really eat babies.

The winnah!

But what about the photos? They seem very real to me. And in the last two photos you can actually see a cooked baby inside the soup. Was it digitally manipulated?

McLeo, it’s a fraud. It isn’t a real baby.

Yes, probably digitally manipulated, or staged.

You cannot possibly take this seriously. I know they’re communist, but they don’t cook and eat their children.

The Chinese eats lots of things. But not humans. Either that or my parents have a lot of explaining

WAG, but I think the Papa New Guineans are the only culture who still practices cannabilism and even then it’s on the way out.

Oh, and don’t forget the Dutch.

These pictures look plenty real to me. I know everyone is a photoshop expert in this day and age, but really. And a hysterical snopes cite doesn’t cut it.

That has to be the coolest page. I remember reading at Rotten that those are monkey fetuses not human fetuses.
And according to Albert Fish he acquired a taste for human flesh when he was in China but considering this was the late 19th century/early 20th century it was probably in vogue to claim such strangeness was learned or encouraged in the orient.

Are those pictures real? [enter my username]

Honestly. Chinese, Japanese and Koreans pull off some seriously bizarre stuff (bonsai kittens, square watermelons, etc.) but I do not believe they would cook and eat their children. That is cruel and sick, and I think you have been quite expertly duped.

There’s no way the common people would allow that to happen. They are Communist, but they are not freaks.

However, I do have to say that whoever created that (very unprofessional and very poorly made) web site did an excellent job of altering.
I expect I could make those pictures. You get a picture of a fetus, blur it, maybe apply the Burn tool in a few areas to make the pink skin darker, then carefully select it, apply Glass (which is what it looks like in the soup) and you’ve got it. On the plate would be easy, all you’d have to do would Liquify some red around it for blood. It would take some tinkering, but you could do it. You’d have to use empty plates and bowls, I think, because it would be difficult to erase actual food and substitute the fetuses.


The pictures look real to me. But I am not a photoshop expert.

Now for the real question - does baby taste like chicken?

zuma, I wouldn’t characterize snopes as being “hysterical”. The entire point of snopes is to be the opposite: level-headed, methodical, well-researched and resistant to hype.

Bonsai kittens are an Urban Legend too.

The “bonsai kitten” is a well-established joke site. Totally made-up.

Okay, now as for the “cooking baby” website. First prolbem I see. It starts off by implying that the babies were newborn and are eaten because of China’s “one child policy.” The photos show a baby that is clearly not a full-term infant. It also says that they eat more girls than boys (presumeably because they want more boy babies) – foetus is male.

It also claims that “Mr. Ko” has cooked 60-70 babies alive. :dubious:

There is also the disclaimer at the bottom:

The photos, disturbingly enough do not look digitally manipulated. However, I’m also not sure what I’m seeing. FX Smith (who did prosthetic effects for many Oliver Stone movies) did some seriously realistic looking stuff using a monkey foetus as a starting point. (Cast a monkey, and you can make fake babies from the mould.)

Some of the shots are also really clear and careful. I have a feeling the baby is real, but I’m dubious about the “cooking.”

There was a discussion about this very thing not too long ago, and the Snopes article was discussed also.

Artist to eat stillborn dead baby as performance art- Why is this even legal to show?

Pretty good thread, you may want to check it out.

Chineses eat almost anything, but they aren’t cannibals and typically they have good tastes.

Taken from Snopes:

Seems like concrete evidence that the ‘baby’ is fake. Since there is a name and a definte event, I guess anyone interested to get to the bottom of this could defintely do so.

I have heard of placenta soup. I’d say that it’s even likely that some people eat this. Widespread practice - not. boiling baby foetus’ - not.

Besides Snopes, there’s also the gullibility test. Take something so completely unbelieveable, and set the event in China and someone out there will think it’s “true.”