Artist to eat stillborn dead baby as performance art- Why is this even legal to show?

Doesn’t British TV have some limits on what can be broadcast?

C4 to show artist eating dead baby

Holy fuck. Those people need mental help. That’s not art, its just plain whacked.

“Why is this even legal to show?”

Because there’s no law against it?

Don’t worry, our own moral guardians are up in arms about it already. Personally I wonder whether Channel 4 are shooting themselves in the foot over this - it was one thing to get away with the live, televised autopsy recently (at least that had some educational value) - but this just seems to be designed to shock. Not all publicity is good publicity.

Why, oh, why did I open this thread?

well they showed the process of a man getting his uhh… “member” taken off and replaced by his MIDDLE FINGER!!

…and this thread has taught me to never again read the SDMB while eating lunch.

Did you have to put that in the thread title?

Zev Steinhardt

Here in Hong Kong a few years ago the serious newspapers were filled for a while with the issue of how in Southern China it was (and probably still is) popular for people to eat aborted foetuses as a health aid. Abortion clinics were found to be selling them. I’ve heard a lot of sick eating habits in this part of the world, but that one was the worst.

A couple of points to clarify from the article. First, the act has already occurred. Whether this section of the show should be televised or not, nothing can change what happened. Secondly, the eating is not being televised live; still photos are to be shown.

I realise that these points may seem trivial, but it’s worth being accurate.

Here’s a cite for my above post, but don’t read it if you’re easily upset by the subject of the post.

Here’s a cite for my above post, but don’t read it if you’re easily upset by the subject of the post.

If you want to get grossed out, go to Warning!! Some of the photos they have are really disturbing.

Among other things, they have a couple shots of people apparently eating dead babies.

I consider myself a very open person and willing to tolerate much that I personally find repugnant but good grief…this is just too much. I mean, it’s bad enough to contemplate people stranded somewhere resorting to cannibalism in order to survive. Whether or not I could personally ever do it (and I suppose I will never really know unless actually faced with that dilemma) at least I can understand the motivation behind it. But eating another human for art??? Good God…some people need to get a grip. It’s nothing but a publicity stunt for the artist and a particularly gruesome one at that. I don’t claim to understand all art but surely this gets out of that realm!?

If we’re lucky maybe he’ll consider self-immolation for his next work of ‘art’.

Oh my GOD!! That story is more disconcerting than my OP by an order of magnitude… no make that orders of magnitude.

All the docs and the kids of the docs at the birth control clinics in China are apparently very well fed.

If I took Zhu Yu outside and kicked the shit out of him, then called it art, would he appreciate it I wonder?

Careful…if you did that he might Zhu Yu…err…sue you.

What a nice image though…call the media to a specified location, tell them there’s going to be an art event, then when they arrive drag Zhu Yu into the street, beat him senseless, then tip a can of red paint over him, and…tadaaah! A work of art.

Or am I over-reacting?

Er, Snopes has something to say about this “artist” and this particular piece of “art”.

Well, as he succinctly states " I took advantage of the space between morality and the law and based my work on it." But that’s a pretty big space and there’s room for plenty of ass kickings by pissed off people within it.

Okay, I think most of us can agree that this is not exactly wholesome family entertainment, but let’s try to keep our emotions in check in this forum. Let’s limit ourselves to discussing the facts, such as what the law in China says about such performances, and what the law and enforceable broadcasting standards in the U.K. say about airing such performances. And we can of course discuss whether or not the whole thing is a hoax.

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Giant WOOSHING sound fills the air as a large man is carried up into the clouds by a mighty, whirling tornado of credulity.

“But, but… it was in the papers” he cried “and on the internet” as his voice slowly faded into the distance.