"Artist" eats dead baby. No, really.

Great googly moogly.

I can’t think of anything else to do add to this…

No he didn’t.

Snopes is your friend.

Recently discussed here:

Umm, no. Did you actually read the entire article? This is not the same thing. The snopes bit is about a 2001 email with a phonied up jpeg.

Britain’s Channel 4 is getting in to hot water (again, apprently) for showing a documentary about this artist.

Also see here

Thanks for the other thread Revtim.

I’m also rethinking the “hoax” nature of this…mainly because the same “artist” is mentioned in Snopes as in the other stories…even if there seems to be a weird gap of time from the original internet version of this story, and the current Channel 4 version.

Since this was discussed in another thread, if a mod wants to close this one up…that would be fine with me.