Examples of family casting good enough that you noticed

I’ve just borrowed season 1 of Army Wives from the library. It’s decent TV, certainly worth what I’m paying to watch it. One thing I keep noticing is that the families really look like families. The girls playing Kim Delaney’s daughters look like her. There’s a family with a teenaged son and he looks like a textbook illustration of what you’d get from This Mom + This Dad.

I think DJ on Roseanne was a decent bit of casting.

Any to add?

Feel free to add examples of bad casting. I seem to recall it being remarked that the kids on Charles in Charge didn’t look like eachother or the parents or young enough to need childcare.

Small Wonder is not a popular show, I know, but the father and son were incredibly well cast, so far as looking like an actual father and son - when I was watching it once as a kid, my mother actually asked if the actors were related.

I always thought that Sally Struthers was perfect for Archie’s daughter on All in the Family.

Nothing to add. Just wanted to say that I love Small Wonder.

I always thought that Charlie and the kids on Party of Five looked like real siblings.

AJ and Anthony on Sopranos looked pretty realistic.

It wasn’t a TV show, but a commercial for ATT Go-Phones.

Starring singer Meat Loaf as a father and Adam Cagley as his son, parodying “Paradise By The Dashboard Lights.” Cagley was the perfect choice to be Meat’s son.

And if you remember that commercial, 80s diva Tiffany Darwish played the mom.

Oh yeah! VIDEO: Here’s the extended spot - quite the production!

Vic Mackey’s oldest child on “The Shield” sure looked a lot like him… :wink:

I think everyone’s always thought that Kelsey Grammar and David Hyde Pierce are perfect as brothers.

That was going to be my pick. My girlfriend at the time even mentioned, “It’s amazing they were able to cast people who actually really look related.”

I also thought Darlene was quite believable too. DJ looked like Roseanne, but Darlene had some Dan elements too.

And John Ritter as the Scrub’s guys’ dad.

Alton Brown’s “family” on Good Eats.

Geraldine Chaplin playing her own real-life grandmother, Hannah, in Chaplin.

Vicky Lawrence often played a relation to Carol Burnett in skits; they certainly looked like they were.

Tiffany had a last name? Who knew?

IMHO the Grey sisters, Lexi and Meridith on Grey’s anatomy look very much like sisters and their father could be their dad.

Second Niles and Frazier

From Wiki.

In the movie “Atonement” I think they did a pretty good job matching these three actresses , especially Mses Ronan and Redgrave.

You’re right that many people seem to share this opinion. Just popping in to say that I have always been amazed by this, because to me they look nothing like siblings. I guess it just goes to show how subjective it all can be.

Supernatural is really great at casting people to play older and younger versions of the characters.

After years of hearing about Chandler’s transvesite father on Friends, casting Kathleen Turner in the role was brillant.