Excel help please, prompt at startup

Whenever I open Excel, whether it’s by double-clicking an xls file or just opening excel to put some data in myself, I get the following message:

I did a cursory check, and while I make some silly mistakes, I’m not a dumbass, and I wasn’t trying to access this file from the recent file list. I can’t find a reference to this file anywhere on my hard drive, or in the registry, or in the tools/options menu.

I did use the settings transfer wizard to transfer files and settings to this computer from my old computer, and that’s when the trouble started, but I can’t very well undo it, because someone else has the old computer now and has likely re-imaged it.

Any advice?

Wow, talk about providence…I had done google searches on my problem before, but was always including the filename. I didn’t, and the second hit indicated that it could be an add-in problem. I cehcked the add-ins, and sure enough, there was one that was not installed properly, and so I deleted it. Problem solved! Woot!

Please tell us which add-in calls the user a dumbass. I hope you said, “And a double dumbass on you!”