Excel navigation question

This may be really simple but I just cannot figure it out myself.

Is there a way in Excel to go directly from a cell to a cell that it refers to?

If I am in a cell that contains a formula like this one:

Can I in some way jump to either of the two cells in this formula? In a small Excel sheet it is not that hard to hunt down manually but if you are faced with a huge file with several sheets and thousands of cells all over the place it can get rather cumbersome.

Press F5, then enter Sheet3!E16, and press Enter.

Check out “Formula Auditing” on the Tools menu. When you enable “Trace Precedents”, arrows link your cell to the cell(s) that are “upstream”. You can double-click on an arrow to go to that cell.

It’s easier to use if you activate the “Formula Auditing” toolbar.

Thanks, that was exactly what I was looking for.

I even discovered that if I highlight Sheet3!E16 in the formula I can just hit F5 at once and not have to type it all in.

It’s those small simple things in Excel that you know have to be in there somewhere but can be amazingly hard to find by reading manuals or help files.

Fortunately the Dope delivers.

Edit. Thanks to K364 as well. That works too and might be even better for complex stuff.

“Formula Auditing” – very cool! never saw that before! thanx!