Excel Question: Is there an "Autosum" command. (Appart from the button?)

Is there a way to do a Find/Replace on a column and insert an “AutoSum” into the empty cells?

I have a huge spread sheet that has a list of sales over the past year. I have sorted them by postal code and separated the sales in a certain postal code with a blank row.

Now what I want to do is total up the sales for each postal code. Problem is, there are hundreds of postal codes and the last time I did this it took me AGES to click on each blank cell and click the AutoSum button.

If I could just select the column that the sales numbers are in, and do a ‘Find/Replace’ for blank cells, (Which would be there the formula would go.) and insert the AutoSum command, it would make my life easier.

But I don’t know what the ‘AutoSum’ command would be apart from the Funky “E” button.

Any one know of a way to do this? (Or something else that will achive the same results?)

Do it for one column. Let’s say the autosummed total appears on cell A10.
Then issue a Copy command on the cell A10, and Excel will copy the formula (not the numeric value of the cell).
Proceed by issuing a Paste command on the other columns you wish to add. Do so by first selecting
all the cells where the result is going to appear (say, B10 through M10), and then do the Paste!

But the number of sales figuers it is adding up differs. (Some times it is 4 figures…other times it’s 100)

But! On a lighter note: Jadis just contacted me and told me how to do it.

She taught me the Data>SubTotals function. (Plus a few others!)
I think I am in love with that woman! I am gonna buy her beers in Niagara! She cut down my work load by half is not more!!!

Thanks all!

And thanks Jadis!!!