Excel: Stop wrapping text

I have a file that says, when opened, ‘Automatic update of links has been disabled. [Enable content]’ So I enabled content. Then, since I don’t want any hidden codes in the data, I copied everything and pasted as text. Upon defining column widths, I saw that the data was wrapping. So I selected everything, right-clicked, went to Format Cells, and then un-filled and un-checked ‘Wrap text’. OK, the text is unwrapped.

Only, when I change anything in a cell the worksheet goes back to wrapping and I have to unwrap everything again. And again. And again. I can copy everything and paste it as text into a new worksheet (and I will, since I’m working on the file now), but how do I tell Excel to not wrap the text and DON’T wrap it again?

Never mind.

Non-displayed manual line breaks. (I wish I could see them in Excel 2010.)

Now that was pretty subtle. Nice catch.