Excellent! Plan B (morning after pill) available OTC.

About bleeding time.

This is good news. The age restriction is annoying, but half a loaf is better than none.

Of course, given the refusal of some pharmacists to sell the birth control pill, we can safely assume that Plan B won’t be available everywhere, but at least responsible, professional pharmacists will now be able to sell it without a prescription.

That is awesome news. Thanks for the link.

Great news. I am of the opinion that easy access to plentiful contraceptives can only benefit society.

Plus it may make more chicks willing to do me.

Fantastic news. Thanks for the link! I’m sure we’ll see another rash of pharmacists who refuse to dispense, but it’s still progress.

I too agree that this is good news. However, announcing it with the phrase “about bleeding time” is, let us say, in questionable taste.

Now, can men buy this drug as well? And if so, is there an age restriction on them?

Yeah, i guess it is. It was, however, completely innocent; the connection never actually crossed my mind until now.

Interesting question.

If an 18 year old guy has sex with a 17 year old girl, can he buy the pill for her?

I’ll have a look and see if i can find anything about it.

Woohoo!!! True, it’s only half a loaf, but that’s good when you’re not sure you’ll even get a crumb. As for a man buying it seems to me that if women can buy condoms, then men should be able to buy the morning after pill. Of course, there’ll still be the same inhibitions that make some men reluctant to buy tampons, etc.

Once again, woohoo!!!

The end of the story says that men 18 and older can buy the pill without a prescription as well, so it is feasible that an 18yo could buy it for his 17yo girlfriend.

If I were a shy young man given the choice of buying a morning-after-pill one time, or diapers and food and education for eighteen years… I think I may just swallow my pride.

Note: buying a pill, and giving it to someone who is not legally allowed to buy the pill is a violation of the law. The nature of the pill does not change that.


Am I the only one who got the image of men and women stocking up on it for use after casual one-nighters?

Aside from that, I’m all for it. I consider a step in the right direction.

We have to diper them for eighteen years? No one told me that!

Correct me if I’m wrong, but Plan B essentially forces a woman’s period, doesn’t it? I think it’s unlikely that a woman planning ahead would choose that over other forms of birth control.

No it isn’t. You are not in violation of the law when you give your kids cough syrup.

On reading the article, one dose of Plan B costs US$25 to $40. I don’t think many people will start using this as a primary form of BC.

As someone currently taking birth control pills in an effect to regulate my cycle and achieve conception, I applaud this decision. The pharmacists for life can take their self righteous ideological religious fanaticism and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. It is none of their business why a woman is taking the pills; merely their job to fill the prescription.

That’ll teach me to read my own link properly.

Damn straight!

As others have noted, the cost of Plan B makes this a rather unlikely scenario. But even if people do choose to do this, so what? It’s a contraceptive pill. I don’t see any problem with using it for the purpose for which it was designed.

Finally. Seeing as I’m currently in between female-based methods due to the Pill screwing with my moods, this is very, very good news for me. Especially since long-term hormonal methods seem to be something I might not be able to do; it’s good to have around in the “just in case” sort of way. I’m just kind of disappointed that it took this long. And I don’t really mind it being 25-50 a shot. Even fifty bucks is way cheaper than having a kid.

Unlikely, the side affects can be mightily unpleasant - severe cramping, nausea, heavy bleeding, etc. I’ll take a condom over that any day. Plus it helps protect from unpleasant diseases.