So, I had unprotected sex yesterday

Not that she’s carrying any disease or something, but I’m still worried that she might get pregnant…

Birth Control is your friend.

Get the morning after pill. It prevents fertilization. It is not an abortion pill.

It is LEGAL, and as I said before, NOT an abortion pill.

I have a 1q6 year old that reminds me everyday that is a bad idea. Don’tmake that mistake again. Not even in the heat of passion. Birth control is always your friend. If it isn’t available, oral sex is the next best thing.

Lots of places (generally county-run clinics) offer free STD testing, and Planned Parenthood offers it for very low rates. Get yourself checked out.

I had unprotected sex yesterday too. But then again, my hand doesn’t seem to mind.

Ohhhh. You mean with someone?

Any particular reason why?

Don’t do that again, please, unless you want to have a child. It is not worth the risk.

Thank you.

I also have a child from one of these encounters.
Now don’t get me wrong, she’s the best thing to happen to me EVER. But if you’re not prepared to care for a child for the next 18-20 years or so don’t do it without protection.

It’s always amazing to me how people will share with complete strangers how stupid they can be. Congratulations on having sex with everyone he ever had sex with and everyone they had sex with.

There, you’ve been officially flogged.

Get her the morning after pill NOW. Its effective up to 72 hours after, but its effectiveness drops proportional to every hour after the act you wait.

Some states even sell it over the counter, go to the link above ASAP.

Seriously. Morning after pill. Your woman will be pleased you want to be cautious. Don’t let this mistake hang over you.

um, chefguy? I think the original poster is a “he”. So I guess in your estimation the stupid one would actually share your gender rather than sleeping with it.

Give someone a break! Don’t tell me that in your lifetime you have never had unprotected sex? Or never will? (ok, that obviously invites your insistence that you never have or never will – whatever). Sometimes, s*x happens. Irresponsible? Sure. But not worth a flogging. I’m fairly new, but I think most of us here are actually human.

He or she, it still stands.

Doesn’t mean it’s not stupid, WMN.

Damn, wish I could say that.

Yeah, it is stupid. But the cut the dude some slack. I’m pretty sure just about anyone who has ever had sex in their lifetime has had unprotected sex. At least once.

Oh wait, excuse me, I forgot. I don’t have over 500 posts so obviously I’m not qualified to express an opinion. My bad.

You’re kidding, right?

Well, it has nothing to do with your post count, but I have never, ever had unprotected sex. And yes, I have had sex in my lifetime.