"cheating" at sex...paranoid

Ok, this is a very personal question. And if it is innaprpriate im sorry, please remove it.

the other day my girlfriend and I were “messing” around and we were trying to get as close to sex as possible(i know, stupid) soo…i stuck myself in her and when I was about to ejaculate I took it out and “shot my load”(not in her) then a little later I put it back in. Is there any way that there could have been enough seaman on my penis from before to get her pregnant? I know it was stupid, im just really paranoid…this was the first time i had EVER ejaculated…
once again, im sorry if this is offensive. thanks

Yes, but it’s unlikely…

And seriously, if you’re going to be having sex (or even “cheating” at it), for pete’s sake LEARN a little about reproduction and sexually transmitted diseases.

If you have seaman on your penis, you should probably stop fucking sailors.

What the holy blue… Kids these days… No, you moron, you HAD sex. You were obviously trying to get as close to PREGNANCY as possible.

Dude: birth control. It works. Try it.

walks away shaking head

Well blow me down. :o

You were behind the 8 ball long before ejaculation. The natural lubricant you produce has semen in it.

They have a name for someone who uses the withdrawal method for birth control. The name is Daddy!

I know this isn’t adding to the thread, but that deserves a round of applause and a rim-shot :slight_smile:


ps That’s rim-shot as in a snare drum…

They invented this thing: it’s called a condom. Some men say it reduces the enjoyment, but for me it’s the same. My fiancée insists on using the pill–I don’t like that but she insists. She doesn’t want me to use condoms.

Didn’t they teach you about this in high school? You must be able to learn on the internet wherever you like, you’ve gotten onto the internet, so just do a Google search learn about it.

I think you could still have impregnated her, but it all depends on her fertile cycle.

Don’t be so lazy. Go to the library or use the internet to get informed. And, believe it or not, your parents might have even helped you.

Yes, and it’s also possible for sperm to be in pre-ejaculate fluid. As far as enough, it only takes one. More just increases the odds.

The technique you describe is called withdrawal. It’s notoriously unreliable.

And the plural of coitus interruptus is twins. Dude, unless you and your girlfriend have agreed that you just can’t wait to have a baby together, *start using birth control.

Seconding what guizot said. Using a condom is a Good Thing.

But just remember, when you use a condom, you have to pull out right after you ejaculate. If you keep it inside and you go limp, the condom will come off.

Dude, Always send you soldier into battle in full battle gear. :wink:

ok ok ok,
As i said in the first place, I know it was stupid…very stupid. Yes I was educated…and i wont do it again without protection, all I wanted to know was how nervous I should be. When will i know for sure she isnt pregnant? What are the odds?

oh God…

sorry, didnt mean to overreact.

You’ll know as soon as she has a pregnancy test that comes back negative. You two have already scheduled this, right? So as soon as it’s done, you’ll know.

What am I missing here?

Are you sure you’re educated?

It seems like pretty fundamental information to know that A)the withdrawal method of birth control isn’t really a method of birth control, B)you can produce semen without ejaculating, and C)when you’ll know she’s not pregnant.

I highly recommend abstaining from sex until you learn a little about it beyond “Tab A goes in Slot B.”

eh, beat…

Err…depending on how long ago “the other day” was and how far off her period is, a pregnancy test might not be accurate NOW, right?..not to mention that they’re never perfectly accurate?

I always figured the only way to be certain would be to wait for her to have a period. Am I mistaken?

This is not just getting close to sex. It is sex. Full-on 100% sex. Pulling out doesn’t make it “not sex.” Not ejaculating inside doesn’t make it not sex either. You had sex, end of story.

Please get a pregnancy test scheduled asap if you have not done so yet.

After an event has occurred it is meaningless to talk about the odds. If I throw a dart at a dartboard blindfolded, the odds are a thousand to one against me hitting a particular spot selected before the throw. After the dart has hit the board, it makes no sense to look at the dart and go “Huh, what were the odds of hitting tight there?”.

At the point she’s either pregnant or not. You could say it’s 50:50. Hope for the best.