Except of course for Pastafarianism and Pagans

What, you really think that we are broken & nasty people to each other only because people said God told us we were flawed and sinful?!

Have her claims been peer-reviewed?

According to Asimov, one milliHelen is the amount of beauty necessary to launch one ship. Now if someone knows how many towers Illium had, we can figure out how many milliHelens it takes to burn one down.

No, but Jesus’ death didn’t stop us from being broken and nasty to each other. It only gave us an avenue to be forgiven for original sin. Well, if I don’t believe in God then I don’t believe I was guilty of any original sin so I didn’t need Jesus to die for me.

There are several, but [you can get the gist of it by starting here.


I am not aware of any version of Christianity that teaches that Jesus only died to allow forgiveness of original sin. Honestly, the concept of original sin is only necessary to deal with an objection based on a non-existent condition: the person who has never done anything wrong and thus needs no forgiveness.

That is, using the definition of original sin that you seem to be using. A lot of people use it to mean the desire to sin in the first place, which definitely a problem humans have–a desire to do that which helps ourselves but hurts others.

BTW, thanks for saying that out loud, as I had been wrestling with that concept. But by reading it from someone else, I instantly saw the flaws.

No, because all humans have an inherent desire for justice. All humans experience the sufferings of life and want to be able to not suffer. I’m not quite sure what the threat of Xenu is, but the idea of being clear is to be happy and mentally healthy, which is something people inherently want.

If religions only solved problems that they themselves created, they would have been thrown off long ago. Like it or not, religions offer solutions to real problems. You may not think they are effective, but that doesn’t change what they offer.

Around here, I’d like to be known as a text-based lifeform:D

Probably not peer-reviewed, and I doubt an IRB cleared the use of child subjects. And biased selection of variables (adjectives).

I bet she can’t even pronounce sinful. “Sinfuww.” And that’s not her handwriting. I hate when people use their cute kids for whatever purpose, because the plain text wouldn’t be popular.

Also, according to some religions, she’s full of the ghosts of dead aliens. You’d think that’d be notable to mention.