Excercise more, defecate less? (certainly TMI)

I’m a big guy. 6’4", roughly 220lbs. And I eat a lot. These past few years I haven’t been excercising nearly enough, so I’ve grown a bit flabby around the middle. Think snake swallowing basket ball.

Anyway, apart from gaining a slight beer belly, I’v been taking a dump 2-3 times a day. Nothing I really thought about until recently. I’ve had my little puppy for two months now and one of many reasons was to get my behind out of the couch and get myself moving. No excuses, no “I can do that tomorrow”, no avoiding taking that long walk due to crappy weather.
So I’m moving more. Haven’t lost a lot of weight, but it’ll come. But I also noticed that my 2-3 visits a day to the big white ceramic tuba is now 1-2. Mostly just once.

It was always my beleif that if you eat more than you need, you’ll put it on as extra weight. But does moving about more also make the body burn food stuff instead of… well dumping it?

I was 220 for a while (and up to 230) and like you took a few restroom breaks a day since I’d eat Wendy’s for lunch and some sort of buffet for dinner. In the past year I’ve exercised regularly and lost 40 pounds, and if I keep my calories below ~2000 a day and exercise I find myself going 3 or 4 days without having to “go”. It’s definitely an odd feeling not needing to use the toilet as much, but it’s a good way for me to tell whether I’m eating too much or not. For example, I’ve eaten well and exercised a lot this week and haven’t had to go, but tonight I didn’t exercise and went to China Buffet, and I could hardly make it back into the house in time!