Diet changes and bathroom habits

This is the only place where I don’t feel weird asking this. I don’t know if you all should be flattered or not…

I’ve never been what anyone would call overweight, but am now on the upper range of normal weight, just about a few pounds away from overweight. I’m used to eating whatever I want whenever I feel like it, which has added a pound or two each year since my son was born in 1994. I’m planning to lose 16 pounds and should be done by April. At that point, I’ll go on maintenance and try to prevent the extra pounds from sneaking on again.

I do have a point.

I started three days ago, weighing in at 151.5. By the way, I’m 5’ 7". I’ve been drinking only water instead of my usual milk and juices. I’ve been eating much more healthfully, and didn’t realize what I had been doing to myself until now, what with the candy bars at work, the brownie baking at least once a week, the fast food, and so on. The weight seems to be falling off of me, which I understand to be normal during the first part of a diet. After a while it gets a little more challenging, so I’ve heard. I now weigh 145.5 after three days.

I had my husband get on the scale to make sure that there’s nothing wrong with it - same weight for him as usual. Ditto our son.

Here’s the thing - I’m pooping a lot more than usual… like a couple times a day. Before this it was once every few days. I’m eating lean meats, veggies, and fruit. Drinking water. Have cut out the junk. I had no idea that my previous diet was that bad.

I know a lot of you are saying “No shit, you idiot!” I always just assumed that if I wasn’t exactly fat, that everything was OK.

Anyhow, my question for you all is this; when you make diet changes, for the better, do you start pooping all of the past junk out?

I can’t believe I’m posting this. {{scurries into the corner and ducks down in shame}}

If you’ve upped your fiber intake significantly, that could be why your bathroom habits have changed. For what it’s worth, I always feel bloaty and have the same problem you’re describing if I’ve been eating unhealthfully for a while and decide to improve my diet. Also, if you’re exercising more, that could be a factor. Workouts get more than just the externals of your body moving.

Another vote for increased fiber intake from the veggies and fruit. Even junk doesn’t build up inside of you. It just gets digested and excreted like any other food.

Sounds like you also aren’t consuming as many toxins with the chocolate and brownies, so your system is cleansing itself.
I’d be willing to bet a lot of it is water weight as well, based on how fast your weight dropped.
Good for you!

Your previous diet was excreted somewhere in the neighborhood of 24 hours after you ate it. You aren’t pooping out the bad stuff now. Additional fruits and veggies have added fiber and that alone causes poopular changes. You may feel more gassy and bloated than normal. Your body will adjust to the new diet. Until then have fun antagonizing your husband and son with broccoli farts. :slight_smile:

Oh, she’ll still be able to antagonize him with those for a long time coming.


Really? I always thought once/day was about normal for people.

I always though once a day was pretty normal too, but not for me. Sometime I don’t go for three or four days - nothing.

The only time that happens to me is when I’m traveling. Something about being in an unfamiliar place, I guess. But as I traveled more and more, my system got used to it.

It’s kinda funny how the poop-system behaves.

When I exercise and eat a lot, twice/day isn’t unexpected.