Excessive sweating - what are the treatments?

What do doctors usually give people who sweat too much? Is there something avaliable for the symptom, or is it all about treating the underlying cause?

I had a lot of problems with excessive sweating of armpits and feet when I was younger. Atrocious foot odor, and while deodorant/anti-perspirant eliminated the body odor, it’s still embarrassing to to have huge sweaty patches around your armpits.

For the feet, I found Absorbine Jr. very effective. It didn’t necessarily stop the sweating, but it was very effective at reducing it and eliminating odor. For the armpits, Certain Dri was a great anti-perspirant and was very effective at eliminating armpit soaking.

In time, I didn’t need either of these products anymore. I do still have a problem with all-over sweating at certain times. Like, all-over soaking sweat, which is worse than either of the region specific sweating problems.

For me, it happens in two scenarios. The first is in mildly physical activities that might provoke no or light perspiration in most people. I’m more than a bit overweight. I could, and should lose 50 pounds, but this is not anything new. I’ve reacted this way since I was a fit teen and twenty something. Something triggers in my brain and it just turns on the sweat faucet.

The second seems to be anxiety induced. It’s triggered by certain social and business situations, and is really disconcerting. It’s horrible. I’m already feeling out of place, and then start sweating like crazy, which of course only draws attention to myself when it’s the last thing I want. Honestly, it’s pretty close to torture. This response is new in the last few years, and as I said, it’s really disconcerting. I don’t feel anxious, I just sweat. I have a feeling it’s a negative feedback loop, but I haven’t been able to beat it.

So, what kind of sweating are you talking about?

I used to sweat when the temperature was above 65 degrees F; at 75 my clothes would be soaked. I would sweat all night and wake up drenched. Then I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and put on medications. The sweating stopped. But I realize there’s not necessarily cause and effect here, could just be a coincidence. Or could also be an effect of aging.

Botox for sweating

I knew a guy who underwent this treatment and worked out really well for him. He would have to change his dress shirt and undershirt at least once a day at work, then again when he got home.

2nd the botox. A friend, yes a friend, did it to her pits and loves it. Don’t know the cost or frequency it needs to be done though. Also, if it’s more of a stinky sweat problem rather than just wetness remember sweat doesn’t really stink, bacteria and other skin flora cause it to stink. You might try judicious use of an antibacterial soap, and a physician can test to see if you’ve got something funkier like a skin yeast infection or too much/weird bacteria on your skin. Who knows, a little antibiotic script could save the day.

If it’s just wet sweat, although it’s not medical, you could try a drying powder. Lush carries some great ones for men and women, and you can order online. My favorite: http://m.lushusa.com/Silky-Underwear-Dusting-Powder/03634,en_US,pd.html

Drysol is also very effective.

One of the side effects of high blood pressure medicine catapress is lack of sweating. You might ask your doctor about it.

I’ve heard good things about the Botox treatments. In extreme cases, there are some surgical options also. Those would obviously be the last resort, but they’ve had good luck with them in many cases that didn’t respond to less drastic measures.

Move to an extremely hot environment. Then, no one will notice.

Seconded, when I was in my twenties I had a serious sweating problem under the arms. Even in cooler temperatures I would have soaked underarms. Very embarrassing. A doctor prescribed Drysol and after a few applications the issue was solved. Be warned however, the product contains a high amount of aluminum.

You no longer need a prescription for it. It can be bought on the internet , do a Google search and you will find several retailers. Also, keep in mind that it is an anti-persperant and not a deodorant. I used a standard deodorant in addition to the Drysol. After a while it became so effective that I only had to apply it every other day, then for some reason I didn’t need it any longer.

As I have gotten older, I have a problem with excessive sweating of my scalp and forehead. Unless it is very cool, anytime I work in my shop my head becomes drenched and sweat is constantly running down into my eyes and on my glasses. If I wipe my forehead with a towel, in less than a minute I will have beads running down it again. I have to wear a sweatband around my head to get any work done.

Once this problem starts, even if I go into a cold room, it will take about 15 minutes before the active sweating stops, and longer before I dry off some. Getting out of the shower on anything but a cold day requires sitting in front of a fan for a while to finally get dry, and blow drying my hair takes forever since it gets damp with sweat almost as fast as the drier can dry it.

Ah, getting old. Ain’t it great!

For anxiety related sweating, get Propranolol (brand name Indural). Take as needed. Works great when you know you’re going into a situation which causes anxiety (party, public speaking, etc). It suppresses the physical symptoms of anxiety like sweating, flushed skin, shaking, high voice, etc. You may still be anxious in your head, but you won’t show the physical symptoms. You need a prescription, but it’s really cheap. I’m like Jake Jones where mentally I didn’t feel anxious but my body decided it was a good time to squirt out a gallon of adrenalin. Propranolol works great for me in those situations.

Drysol for persistent sweating of the palms, feet, and underarms. It’s a topical treatment which closes down the sweat glands. Works great. My armpits used to be like waterfalls 24/7 and now they don’t ever sweat.

Yet another data point for Drysol.

Oddly, one pit sweated a whole lot more than the other, so if you think it’s embarrassing to have two big wet patches under your arms, it’s worse to have only one! At any rate, the Drysol took care of it and the problem has not recurred in 20+ years.

I’ve noticed that anti-cholinergics stop me from sweating, period. It can be 100F outside and I’ll be totally dry as a bone, it scared me sometimes(wondered if I might get a heat stroke or something).

A good number are available OTC, I’d certainly try this before getting surgery.

My doc recommended OTC antihistamines…here in Australia the trade name is Periactin, or generically cyproheptadine hydrochloride. Works wonders for excessive sweating, but be careful about the dosage…a 4mg tab will knock you out for the night, but a quarter of that will allay the sweats.