Excreting gold drunk in champagne

As yet further demonstration of the state of decadence we live in nowadays, you can now buy champagne with actual flecks of 22 carat gold in it (I wish I was making this up). No doubt it’s bought by the same people who wear diamond encrusted dollar signs on solid gold chains.

Anywho, a friend and I were wondering were the gold would be excreted from when you’ve drunk it - would it come out in your urine or your faeces? I’m guessing the latter as it would probably be filtered out of the liquid section of your digestion, but I could be wrong.

Almost certainly in your feces. It’s extremely hard to dissolve gold, and even your stomach acids probably couldn’t do it.

Nor would this be cost-effective- I’m sure that this champagne has less than eight bucks of actual gold in it.

Nowadays being since at least 1598?

CMC fnord!

I’m from Europe, we think in longer timeframes to you Americans. In Britain we’re still adjusting to the notion that we don’t own your country any more.


Goldschlager is another alcoholic beverage that does this. Now I’m wishing I had some… Anyway, Wikipedia says that the amount of gold used for Goldschlager is about $3.74 (USD) as of Aprill 11, 2010 prices.

On the overall scale of decadence, it seems pretty moderate to me. I mean, there are people out there serving $1000+ bottles of wine or champagne even without any gold added. Throw in some truffles and caviar and the gold will be the cheapest thing on the table.

As far as excreting goes: it comes out with the other solid wastes. If you were desperate, I suppose you could try to get it back. :slight_smile: