Is Goldschlager dangerous?

Goldschlager is cinnamon schnapps with gold flakes in it. My question - is there enough gold in it to pose a risk of heavy metal poisoning?

Apparently the human body can’t digest precious metals, this according toäger

Drink lager and crap Gold. Thousands spend every weekend trying to attain these dizzy heights.

Gold is pretty nonreactive. You’d die from the alcohol long before you had to worry about the metal.

Dangerous 'cause it tastes like hate, maybe.

Gold is almost completely nonreactive with regard to solvents found in the human body; hence, its use in tooth caps and fillings. (There is evidence that a few people have some kind of an allergic reaction to gold, but it’s unclear how or why.) Drink all the Goldschläger you want, except for the fact that it’s a nasty schnaps liqueur that will give you a terrible hangover. Anyone who combines it with Jägermeister gets what they deserve.


Google on heavy metal poisoning and you’ll see that gold, while considered a heavy metal, is not listed among the toxic heavy metals. In other words, just because there is such a thing as heavy metal poisoning doesn’t mean that all heavy metals are poisonous.

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