Executive orders

Between Gray Davis (gov. of CA) and our new Prez, there have been a lot of “executive orders” being signed recently. Where do these orders fall under the Constitution? It seems like there are no checks n’ balances to this almost dictatorial power.

Well, executive orders are not allowed violate the law, they can be found unconstitutional, and they only have an affect over the executive agency they’re addressed to.

You forgot to mention our past president Clinton. Are you a conspiracy freak?

The orders are part of the “powers” of every executive, both in the government and out of the government. An executive gets to give orders to the people who work for him.

There is plenty of Congressional control. Congress sets the scope of the executive departments. The department can not do anything outside that scope.

Congress can also change the department’s scope and budget. Congress can pass a law restricting the department from ataking an action, or can prohibit the department from spending any money on a specific action.

Presidential Executive Orders apply only to the executive departments (DoJ, DoE, DoHHS, DoA, DoD, etc.) Congress sets laws regulating those departments, and an Executive Order cannot violate those laws.