Presidential Orders

Since only Congress has the right under the constitution to enact laws, what’s the deal with Presidential Orders? What limitations do they have? Why don’t presidents enact more of them than they do? Someone enlighten me please…

IIRC, any executive order can be overturned by an act of congress. What I’d like to know is whether George W can issue a “blanket order” that invalidates every order Clinton ever issued :stuck_out_tongue:

Ececutive orders only apply to people working for the executive departments (DoD, DoJ, DoE, DoHHS, DoA, etc) and the President’s executive staff. Congress can’t overturn an executive order because it’s not a law. Congress does legislate the regulations of the bureaus and agencies under the executive departmennts, however. So the President cannot order his Secret Service protection to go away, for example.

Executive orders can often be issued “underhandedly.” For instance when T Roosevelt wanted to show off his new fleet congress refused money.

He simply, as commander in cheif, ordered them to set sail. Then congress was left with the choice to appropriate money to bring the fleet home or leave them stranded