exercise-induced sudden explosive diarrhea

What causes exercise-induced sudden explosive diarrhea. This happened to me one time a long time ago so I know exactly what it feels like. Recently this happened to somebody I know so I know I’m not alone. Are we exercising like idiots? What sets it off?

No one knows for sure. The leading theory, I believe, is that since exercise leads to a shift in blood flow to the muscles, there’s less left for the gut. In some people, then, such a relative lack of blood flow to the bowel leads to diarrhea. YMMV.

Here is one (old) reference.

I have gotten that many, many times. I always just thought it was because of some kind of stimulation and physical jiggling in your digestive track. That isn’t too scientific but that was what I always felt.

Not an answer, but all that reminded me that Nicola Tesla reported on the effect extreme vibrations have on the digestive tract, checking if I imagined that…

Ah, here we go: