Exercise, sweating and urine

Sometimes, when I’m on the treadmill at the gym, I have to pee. whenever this happens, it’s always at the begining of the run and I’m annoyed because I either have to stop running or put up with having to pee for the rest of the run. I try to convince myself that if I run long enough, I’ll sweat so much that I won’t have to go anymore.

Is that even possible? When the bladder fills up, does the urine have only the one exit, or does the body reclaim some of the water in times of need?

Frogs can reclaim water from the bladder, humans can’t to any significant degree.

How do I get the frog in there?


The OP is a Toad. Do toads reclaim water the same way frogs do?


If you continue running after feeling that fullness, it could well go away as you run. But the effect is not because of reclaiming urine. The sensation leaves because the bladder gets repositioned. Also, you may be having prostate issues. If you pee before getting on the treadmill and this sensation occurs, then I heavily suspect prostate issues. That could be prostatitis at any age or BPH over 50.

This happens to me playing hockey all the time. If I have a water or coffee an the way to hockey and then have a beer in the dressing room before the game it never fails, I gotta pee. It’s a pain in the ass to try to pee with goalie gear on and once it’s on it too late to try and pee unless you take some of it off. Over the years I found that once I am on the ice the need to pee goes away and when the game is over I am not doing the pee-pee dance, but once I get my gear off I go pee. I have often wondered how I can put off going for an hour and a half without it bothering me at all.

Not really what your asking about, but… If your goal is to be well hydrated for a run, you want to take your fluids more than an hour before you plan to start, and ideally the day before (i.e. if you want to be well hydrated for a Saturday run, drink lots of water on Friday). Drinking a lot just prior to going for a run will just make you have to pee.

Similarly, if you’re taking any Gu’s, Shot Blocks, Sport Beans… etc, you want to take them every 30-45 minutes. If you wait until you feel like you “need” it, its probably too late to do any good.

You have what I read is called “mean bladder.”

Well, it only happens occassionally, when I forget to go before I hit the gym.

This happens to me all the time on runs and rides. If I’m going hard, the urge to urinate goes away, and even stays away afterwards. When I do finally go to the bathroom, it’s usually VERY concentrated, even if I drank a lot on the ride or run.