Exile from Israel

Just as a disclaimer, I do not support the expulsion of Palastinians from Israel controlled territory.

Let’s say hypothetically Israel says it has had enough and starting tomorrow it will start kicking Palastinians out of Israel controlled territory because they can’t play nice.

Are there human rights laws, international treaties, or other such agreements that prohibit this?

Damn-near every human rights treaty ever created forbids this.

Well, I was thinking about it some more and the conditions it would create would be enough to send any decent person screaming. You have to figure that a lot of people aren’t going to want to get up and leave on their own. They would have to bodily throw them out and that’s considering you have a place to throw them.

Specifically though, does anyone know which specific conventions and maybe even the passages from them? I’ll have to go read through the Geneva documents when I have some time.

Look at it from this perspective- The only real definition of a “Palestinian” is a resident of the area that is not of the Jewish faith. “Palestininan” is not a definition of a particular faith (there are both Muslum and Christians) or ethnicity (most families that have resided in the area for generations derive from the same ethnic background, regardless of their current faith.) Looking at it this way, you can see how truly atrocious such an expultion would be.

<< The only real definition of a “Palestinian” is a resident of the area that is not of the Jewish faith. >>

No, that’s a completely inaccurate description. There are Israeli citizens of every faith imaginable (and some not imaginable), so that there are Israeli Muslims, Israeli Christians, etc. Just as there are Palestinian Muslims, Palestinian Christians, etc.

And what’s so wrong about finding terrorists and terrorist-supporters and forcibly evicting them? Would you rather that the Israelis just bomb them?

Let them be taken in by their brethren in Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and those other strong supporters of human rights [sarcasm meter off]

Imagine that the 9-11 terrorists had been arrested before they committed their hideous deeds and been kicked out of the country. Would you be sitting here crying about their “rights”?

That is deporting criminals though. I’m talking about expelling the whole population en masse. I was reading through the Genava Convention and it does say this, "outrages upon personal dignity, in particular humiliating and
degrading treatment
and **
in all circumstances be treated humanely,without any adverse
distinction founded on race, colour, religion or faith, sex, birth or
wealth, or any other similar criteria.** It’s kinda grey but the Geneva Convention doesn’t seem to really deal with civilian populations, just medical, neutral citizens, and pow’s.

That should have been citizens of neutral countries.

C K Dexter Haven, perhaps I was unclear. “Israeli” does not necessarily denote a Jew (I never claimed it did) but “Palestinean” generally does denote a non-Jew. More specificly, a non-Jew living in the West Bank or Gaza Strip. No one here, it seems, ever questioned the morality and/or legality of uprooting terrorists, but not every Palestinian, I’m certain, believes terrorism is the gateway to peace and an independant Palestinian state.

An occupying power is not entitled to deport the entire indigenous population of the territory it is occupying.

This seems like such a fundamental proposition that it might be hard to find explicit authority for it, but I would be astonished to find anybody seriously arguing that an occupying power has that right.

I don’t for a moment believe that Israel would even contemplate such a step. If they did then, for once, comparison with measures adopted by the Nazis would be justified.

I would very much like some cite where you show that Israel is considering the mass deportation of Palestinians (not just terrorists.) I do not for one minute believe that Israel has or would ever consider such a step.

So this thread is really a “Have you stopped beating your wife?” type of question. You raise implications that Israel would engage in such activities, and let everyone react negatively to Israel on account of your supposition.]

This is called baiting.

I’m going to start a thread, “Isn’t it illegal for Palestinians to offer up child sacrifices to their god Moloch?”.
Anomal: You were attempting to define who is and who is not a Palestinian. I submit that the mere term “non-Jew” is not sufficient; nor is “non-Jew living on the West Bank…” since many Israeli citizens (including Muslims and Christians) live in the West Bank. Furthermore, there are many people who would term themselves Palestinian who do NOT live anywhere close to the area – Palestinain students in the U.S., for instance.

Israel is a nation, and so citizenship is reasonably well defined. Like with the U.S., it is pretty clear who is a citizen and who isn’t. Palestine is not yet a nation, and so the question of who is or is not a Palestinian is an extremely complicated one.