grienspace, I didn't notice any smilies in your post ...

So, when you wrote this:

[QUOTE}Lets have a look at Brian’s proposal;

It is now approximately 13 hours following the OP, and I can safely assume that most of this debate has been during American waking hours. What amazes me is the credence given this view in terms of the fact that the premise in the proposal is worthy of debate. But I as a Canadian shouldn’t be surprised. If you Americans could just see yourselves discussing the proposal of dismantling a sovereign state you might have an inkling as to why you are regarded the world over as the most arrogant people in the world. What gives you the right? As a Canadian who has travelled abroad and talked to other Canadians who have travelled abroad as well we often are taken for Americans. When we explain we are from Canada, invariably we are treated in a friendlier manner. That is why many of us display the red maple leaf when travelling abroad.
Now I believe that America has done an admirable job in world affairs by and large, and I think Americans are a wonderful people myself, But don’t even think about messing around with the sovereignty of another nation.

In the infamous Brian Bunnyhurt “Let’s dismantle Israel” thread I have to assume you were serious.

And if you were serious, you, sir, are a fucking moron.

  1. In case you have noticed, the purpose of this message board is fighting ignorance. Mr. Bunnyhurt is displaying scads of it (or schizophrenia - your choice). We who are involved in the thread are doing our duty.
    What is your suggestion? We ignore ignorance? If you believe that, then what the fuck you doing posting here?!!
    The next time I hear someone say, “the sky is yellow” or “we outta cut taxes since 99% of our tax money goes to research fungus” or “we outta lock all the niggers up cause there all criminals”, I should ignore them?!!
    What you propose is not only stupid, but dangerous.

  2. Did you actually read the thread, or just the OP? If you had, you may have noticed that the large majority of responses weren’t debating the issue with Mr. Bunnyhurt, but trying to disabuse him of his incorrect “facts”.

  3. Did you read the names of the posters before you accused us arrogant Americans? Did you notice that there were several posts from non-Americans, including at least one from one of you beloved Canadians?

  4. Stripped away of Mr. Bunnyhurt’s idiocies, are you aware that the premise “Israel has no right to exist” is the heartfelt position of many around the world, especially those of many of the millions of Palestinians languishing in refugee camps. I, for one believe that their concerns are worthy of debate. Unless you think all of them are irrational idiots.

  5. Are you cognizant of the fact that you are an ignorant cretin?

I’d like to thank you, Grienspace. First, for writing something so asinine that it entitled me to start my first Pit thread about another poster. Second, for being such a dolt that you caused the start of a second Pit thread to arise from the same original thread.

While your head’s up your ass, could you look for my keys?


Has anyone checked the lunar calendar?

I’m wondering if there was a full moon out last night:)
[sub]wash those keys if he finds them[/sub]

I fear Euty’s right

First the thread started by Brian Bunnybutt, then the pit thread in his honor and now this??? how many times must Sua and Freedom be on the same side before the universe cracks? Didn’t they do multiple Star Trek episodes on the mixing of matter and anti matter??

Hold me…

I was gonna do this, but I figured I’d let you taste first blood, SuaSponte. Darling.

First of all, what kind of fucking idiot doesn’t know that the U.S. and Canada SHARE THE SAME TIME ZONES! “American working hours” are the same as “Canadian working hours.”

Second, we were not seriously debating Mr. Bunnyhurt’s proposal as a remote possibility. Using things like facts, logic, and understanding of the concept of national sovereignty, we were deflating the proposals of a total fucking loon.

Third, I’m sure you could come up with plenty of examples of American arrogance and “The Ugly American Abroad.” Based on my own travels, I also could come up with plenty of examples of the obnoxious Canadian who reminds everyone over and over that he’s not a bloody American, and who seeks to make me personally answer for everything the U.S. has ever done. If you, grienspace, were the only Canadian I’d ever encountered in my life, I would be forced to come to the conclusion that all Canadians are idiots with inferiority complexes and a need to over compensate for something. Exceedingly small penis? Mother didn’t love you enough as a child? I don’t know. Fortunately, I, and most other posters on this board, reject generalizations about a country based on encounters with the most feeble of its citizens.

Therefore, I ask that you choose not to judge the U.S.A. according to Brian Bunnyhurt, Fruit Loop. In return, I will do your great country the favor of not judging its excellent citizens by grienspace, Ass.

I sat through an extremely detailed discussion about the benefits of “wearing a maple leaf while abroad” on alt.folklore.urban. People from all over the globe chimed in with their experiences. The benefits are highly over-rated.

I hate to break this to you, grien, but being Canadian doesn’t exactly make you immune to arrogance. You’re over looking the fact that so many posts who happen to be Americans think that Bunnyhurt is a loon. So quit the nationalistic chest swelling. The rant is about specific people. The nation of Canada has nothing to do with this. The USofA has nothing to do with this. Imagine that.

And fortunately I have enough sense not to assume that all Canadians have a severe Jan Brady complex, just because one citizen out of 31 million apparently does.

While he isn’t the most credible of sources, Mr. Bunnyhurt has abandoned the GD thread in question because of our refusal to debate his basic premise!!

This puts a slight crimp in your argument that we Americans were arrogant for, um, debating his basic premise.

Thanks for playing, grienspace and have a nice day. Have you found my keys yet?


I predicted a Pit thread, and I got one.

I’m a Canadian, a proud one, and I’m fucking sick of small-dicked ass heads whose idea of feigned superiority is talking about how much smarter than Americans they are because they’re Canadian, as if Canadians are any brighter (they aren’t.) This is usually accompanied by one of three classic chestnuts; the “wear-a-maple-leaf-abroad-so-people-treat-you-better” one (total bullshit) the old “I-saw-an-American-in-Canada-in-July-with-skis” story (utter bullshit) or the “We-kicked-American-ass-in-1812” diatribe (complete bullshit, and pretty fucking pathetic to boot. Bragging about a meaningless war fought 55 years before Canada was even a country?)

People like grienspace embarrass me and embarrass every Canadian with any level of intelligence or self-respect. What’s especially appalling is that it’s not REALLY based on any belief that Canadians are somehow superior, but rather on a pathetic inferiority complex based on watching too many American TV shows and wishing the U.S. would pay more attention to Canada. So we have a minority (but an unfortunately loud one) running around bad-mouthing Canada’s closest ally because their cocks are too small.

What’s quite telling in this case is that grienspace obviously didn’t even read the damned thread and missed the fact that everyone replying was ridiculing Brian Bunnyhurt, Fruit Loop, for proposing what grienspace was criticizing people for.

Hey, grienspace. You’re a nitwit and an ass and I disown you as a compatriot. You should be ashamed of such bigoted, knee-jerk, stupid and distinctly un-Canadian behaviour and you owe the SDMB a sincere apology. I wouldn’t want you wearing the Maple Leaf if you paid Canada for the honour, which you should.

On reviewing my post, I confess there is justification in being upset with me. I had sworn never to be in the pit again but you guys deserve a reply.

I was putting myself in the position of the average Canadian/European that I am familiar with who normally will not tell you to your face that they think Americans are arrogant. My purpose was to highlight how a perception of American arrogance could easily be arrived at when reporting that a group of Americans were debating the merits of dismantling the state of Israel. Of course, almost all the posters who debated the issue were appropriately opposed, but the fact that any one could presume(I mean the OP) there was a basis of discussion is fairly alien to Canadians and I presume Europeans. I expect the OP might get some support in Palestine. In retrospect, I can’t see how you could have responded reasonably to me. It appears my post was completely rhetorical, not debatable and though I represented Canadian attitude fairly I think, unfair.

I have been fighting anti-Americanism all my life. I too find many Canadians arrogant , thinking that they are superior.But that is only with Americans. Sure, Canada would never have the means or the guts to project power in a foreign situation and are quite content to leave it up to Americans. We presently have a big shot general who recently was found drunk on a park bench, dealing with his demons as a result of the lack of support his nation provided on the ground in helping him prevent a genocide. Sure, we blame the UN, but Americans don’t leave their people on the ground without support.I admire that.

Yes you Americans are generally arrogant, but how else can you be? No one else has the means or the moral backbone to put their lives at risk for others. Your government constantly has to make decisions for other people, and you all have to debate the role your government plays in the world.

The Canadian flag thing is true however to my chagrin. Just recently, two Canadian women I know, were participating in a demonstration in Bahrain against Israel as a result of the shooting of the 12 year old Palestinian boy. The crowd were prepared to eject them from the demonstration until they could prove they were Canadian.

I have a deep respect for 99.99 % of the poster in SD.My perceptions are always open to revision, but my respect for you all remains.

I guess i must be one o those rare Canadians, Grienspace, because i don’t agree with on your stance that Canadians and Europeans would see it as arrogant for Americans to discuss the dismantling of Israel. As Sua pointed out, there is grounds for a good debate here, unfortunately BB did not have the ability to form a proper argument based on fact. Much like your diatribe against Americans travelling abroad. Much like BB, You lack any real hard data. When I write papers here at university, such evidence as “I talked to a couple people i know, and they told me…” is not considered valid! All you did was read the OP, then decided it was a chance to throw a cheap shot at the Yanks. Now I find that arrogant, but then everything I have read from you in my short time here has been a load of shit for the most part anyways. Sadly, I wish I could support a fellow countryman, but you are a dumb-ass, plain and simple.
You really should do yourself a favor and read the whole thread before you post a reply that is inane, and embarrassing to you and your fellow countrymen/women you claim to represent.
For your cheap shot in the name of Canada, I say Fuck You Grienspace!

If Mr. BunnyButt could learn from you that thread would ended ages ago.
Ok, I have dropped all my hard feelings about that post.

[sub]though I’m not sure I ever really had any[/sub]
That post might have been the high point of all three threads so far.

Thanks for your apology about your misrepresentation of the original thread. However, about your “American arrogance” crap:

Cite please. And, while you’re at it, how about a cite about American opinions of, say, the arrogance of the French. Trust me, you’ll find American belief in French arrogance to be quite high. Doesn’t make either proposition true.

OK, so Palestinians are allowed to debate the premise, but Americans aren’t? Howzat?
And further, you miss a fundamental point. If someone, arrogant, drunk, psycho, or sincere, walks up to me and says “Israel should be dismantled”, the only (unarrogant)thing to do is to let the statement passed unchallenged? I just don’t get this attitude. If my younger brother appeared on my doorstep and announced that he was becoming a skinhead because Jews are evil, I would be arrogant to debate him on this issue? ('Course, my likely response would be to beat him senseless, but that’s another story.)

But your point was that Canadians carry the flag with them so people don’t think they are Americans due to this putative American arrogance. Did it occur to you that your two friends weren’t ejected from the demonstration when they proved they were Canadian because the protestors considered America an ally of Israel? Arrogance wasn’t at issue there.


Well, there is the Atlantic Timezone (Eastern plus 01:00), home to the Canadian Maritime Provinces, but no American States… Err, I suppose even with that, American and Canadian working, waking, and any other kind of hours are pretty much the same.

And Newfoundland Time (Atlantic + 30 minutes) - exclusive to the island of Newfoundland.

End Hijack

Sheesh. Y’all left out the time zones observed in Guam, on Johnston Island, Wake Island, Midway Island, and a few others.